Wizz Air downgrades Milan - Ohrid service


Wizz Air is turning its year-round service between Milan’s Malpensa Airport and Ohrid into seasonal summer flights. The route will be operated until October 21 and resume in March the following year. Flights between the two cities, which are temporarily suspended as a result of the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic, are expected to be reinstated on May 3 but this will depend on travel restrictions in both Italy and Macedonia, as well as overall demand. Services between Milan and Skopje will continue to run on a year-round basis.


  1. Anonymous10:37

    Wasn't this route subsidized?

  2. Anonymous11:11

    yes they would loose the subsidies

    TIA-BLQ and TIA-TSF are also "downgraded"

  3. Anonymous13:17

    Main reason because this route was served for mostly Albanians but now Wizz air operating to Milan from Tirana

  4. Anonymous13:22

    So cuts in the region begin

  5. Anonymous07:07

    Where did this plane come from? SKP?

    1. Anonymous09:29

      looks like a SKP-MXP-OHD-MXP-SKP schedule to me this summer season.
      next year it will not be flown with a SKP-plane, they must plan some new routes to MXP because you cannot follow where the MXP-OHD-MXP plane is coming from ... yet (SKP-MXP is flown on different days then MXP-OHD)

  6. Anonymous09:52

    Unlike the first month or two (the inaugural was ~60 and 110 on the way back), people at the airport were saying that MXP numbers were mostly full (smallest numbers around 140-150 pax), and close to the German routes.Good number of people were going for a short period or weekend to Milan which is not the common passenger type here.
    Also, people even from Trento/Bolzano (Trentino - Alto Adige region) which is some 200-250 km from Malpensa were using the flight extensively since there is a significant community working therе.Not to mention Turin, Piazenca and all the way till Bologna.
    But maybe it is less than 90 percent all the time and W6 has its own maths that we don't have eyes on and we may not fully understand it :)
    BTW, the subsidies were meant to last until 2022 (including MMX, FMM, DTM).



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