Wizz Air introduces new on board health measures


Wizz Air has introduced a range of new measures on board its aircraft to reduce the risk of the spread of the coronavirus Covid-19. The airline has asked passengers to handle bookings online where possible, including online check-in, baggage drop-off as well as opting in for contactless payment during on board purchases. Wearing masks on board has become obligatory for crew and passengers, thus all are reminded to travel in masks. The carrier’s aircraft will also be thoroughly cleaned several times a day and disinfected overnight. Crew will hand out sanitising pads to travellers during boarding, while seat distancing for passengers will be observed on flights where the load factor allows.


  1. Anonymous11:14

    I am must say, the video is impressive. W6 has reacted efficiently to Corona and once again shows its extreme level of professionalism. Thank you and köszönöm! God bless you and thanks to you I fly home for the price of a pair of jeans or a 50ml of perfume or a bottle of expensive, French wine.
    Amazing airline!!

    1. Now we even have wizz fan boys.

    2. Anonymous18:15

      As a former Wizz CA employee, I can guarantee that no one will be cleaning aircrafts between flights like shown in this video.

    3. Anonymous18:43

      If masks and gloves are all that's needed to prevent the spread, healthcare professionals dealing with infected would use only those two. But they use N95 masks (sometimes N95+surgical), face shields, head-to-toe coverings etc. That's not possible in all environmnets but some of those measures are. Most importantly, physical distancing is a must. Wizz would not even commit to voluntarily blocking middle seat to help the spread! Shows their profit is above safety of the passengers. Disgusting.

    4. Anonymous19:09

      Exactly ex-colleague, this is all for PR. No one has time for these fairytales.

    5. Aэrologic19:40

      The most important thing, i don't know why preventing the spread is so needed. It is a disease that kills less than <1% of people. We're treating it as if it's killing 50-60% and as we facing final extinction. Groups at risk should not travel or travel at their own risk, period.

    6. Anonymous19:44

      This is an utter stupidity.

    7. Anonymous19:46

      Especially taking into account that we cannot get rid of this disease. It's here to stay and the only way for it to go away is to circulate through the healthier part of the population, especially children, since that's how it looses its virulence.

      However, with the quarantine measures we made sure that doesn't happen so we're here to welcome to second wave in September.

    8. Anonymous20:07

      "Shows their profit is above safety of the passengers."

      People need to eat. Because of these stupid measures we're gonna have 300 million people on the brink of hunger around the world. That is nowhere near the death toll of Corona which is not more than normal flu.


      Fa's need to eat, pilots need to eat, we all do.

      How the fu*k can we survive corona if we cannot meet our basic biological and mental functions, which are critically compromised during these two months lockdown and will be even further?

      This all looks like, look there's a fire on the last storey, so let's drown the whole building to extinguish it.

      I cannot describe my bewilderment with human stupidity, animal-like panic methods and short-sightedness.

      It looks like evolution didn't take us that far anyway.


    9. Anonymous08:02

      You posted a link to article from 3 yeas ago, which has reference to CDC data.
      I would recommend to you, to actually go to CDC web and check their flu numbers for previous years in US and compare it with Corona numbers.

  2. BA88811:44

    Nice PR move. Still:

    Gloves? Can anyone explain what for? How do gloves change transmission rate?
    (Saw the other day a guy eating crisps outdoors with gloves on LOL!)

    Desinfecting overnight? Fomite that spreads from the first guy at that seat who sneezes on the morning flight is long time speread across the plastic surfaces. What a farce!

    Shame they did not introduce shoe desinfection too. LOL!

    (PS Masks and physical distancing have scientific background only)

    1. Anonymous12:20

      Yeah, the obsession with gloves is even dangerous, as viruses penetrate the surface and are then "cooking" in the non-breathable, nicely moist and hot sauna you just created by putting them on.

    2. Anonymous19:53

      Many scientists wrote against gloves and WHO says masks actually do not help.

  3. Anonymous12:36

    Middle seats empty hopefully

    1. Anonymous12:37

      "seat distancing for passengers will be observed on flights where the load factor allows."

    2. Anonymous14:47

      Where load factor allows ... this is hilarious, it basically means they will be conscious until loads don't pick up. Once they do it's sayonara to this middle seat policy and we are back to cattle class flying.

    3. Anonymous16:29

      Balkana type of business of course, no different than others

    4. Anonymous19:51

      Middle seat makes absolutely no sense. How about social distancing when the guy needs to get up to toilet?

      Give me a break.

  4. Anonymous15:00

    I like flying with Wizz, but they are doing turnarround flights,so I am really curious about how they will manage the desinfection of the plane in particular short time.. also purchasing was issue with debit cards, lot of traveller couldnt pay, only in cash.Wishing a safe sky for passangers and crew as well

  5. Anonymous20:50

    Most of the comments here come from other fan boy clubs, which I understand. Nevertheless, W6 does not need government help to survive. It is leaded by a clever CEO that knows exactly what he's doing if he has reached to levels becoming a true competitor in the continent. This is the airline that revived Macedonian aviation, boosted Georgian tourism, helps poorer workers to visit their families, made Dubai and Israel so accessible, created so many jobs and built so many academies. This is the same airline that allowed Visegrad capitals to boom economically and to transform Budapest into one of the leading LCC hubs in the world.
    This is the airline that helped Bosnian airports and allowed Serbs to pay less visiting important markets such as Sweden and Germany.
    Finally, let's not forget its important role in rural Romania and Transylvania and Temesvar.
    Wizzair will beat the virus and continue its global growth.

    1. Anonymous22:08

      A clever CEO, sure. He bluffed that everything will be back to normal by may. It's may tomorrow and he did not manage to use more than 10% of his fleet, the rest is grounded. He bashed other airlines requesting government bailouts then it turned out he is no different. He said that he has 1.5 billion EUR and can survive 6 months or more without flying. The next week he fired 20% of his employees (1000 persons) and cut 15% from the salary of the rest. He is selling tickets for flights next week despite he knows that those won't happen. He is selling tickets for the full summer scheduled despite he knows that 1. it won't happen 2. even if it would happen he wouldn't have enough crew to cover it as he fired 20%. He says he will take even more aircraft this year than it was planned despite he knows that Airbus can't even deliver the planned amount. He said middle seats Will be left empty to create safe distance between passengers. Now you see that it won't happen and it was only Bravo Sierra. The guy is a joke. A second round of layoffs is coming for sure.

    2. Anonymous07:00

      @Anon at 20:50
      With so many errors and plain lies your own comment is doing damage to Wizz.

      As for BEG, you can expect Wizz to have even harder times than before COVID. With open government support mostly for flag carriers across Europe Wizz will actually experience more resistance all over the continent.

    3. Anonymous07:31

      But if Wizz Air was kind and compassionate in the past and if they were spreading love and not hate towards their competition maybe various governments wouldn't be happy about punishing them. This is something Varadi, murderer of Malev, should think about now that he has time. There is a reason why there is so much animosity towards them. This should be a time of reflection for Wizz Air and their Balkana future.

    4. Anonymous08:54

      Malév was murdered by the Russians and not Varadi. Besides, W6 managed to inherit MA in a much more successful way than expected. You say they b*tch about other governmental aid towards other airline? Well yes. There are airlines having way too many employees and staggering service, who keep sucking and sucking from the taxpayer. I don't blame them. W6 has an amazing correlation when it comes to personnel vs fleet. It has been doing a lot of money and has been extremely efficient in many countries. You didn't utter a word about Macedonia. SKP 5 years ago was a village airport and today it is connected to the continent, more than ever. Even CRA has flights to Spain and not to mention DEB or secondary European airports. You guys really forgot so quickly that only 10 years ago, we were all paying ridiculously expensive prices to travel. If it wasn't for airlines like W6, Balkans today would've been a region with high fares.
      Thanks to the Hungarian government initiative, 90% of the Balkana capitals are connected to BUD, similar to MÁS days When BUD was a leading hub un all senses. Otherwise, each company has its internal issues. W6 is no exception. In spite of having negative parts, it is still not enough to justify the role it played and transforming itself into one of the most important players in the world.

    5. Anonymous12:04

      I hope you won't be a part of the second round. It's not easy to find a jobb in Spain these days.

  6. Anonymous09:55

    One of the most important players ín the world? Ha-ha, you drank too much cool-aid ín the Wizz PR office last night.

  7. The flight from Sofia yesterday apparently was full of fruit pickers all middle seats used so how do they social distance. Disgusting they shouldn't be allowed to fly. One family on the outward journey were travelling overt Bulgaria to see their family & friends. How can that be? I'm not allowed to drive 30 miles to see my family. Also the government have spent millions repatriating people from foreign countries including Bulgaria & now people are flying out there to see family, absolutely ludicrous, they should be stopped

  8. Wearing masks on board a plane how ludicrous ? Imagine sipping champagne through a face mask in business class ? Stuff their obligatatory rules, I won't fly.

  9. Wizz Air. We put the wheeze into air travel. If they issue full gas masks and positive air pressure hazmat suits, I'll travel on their aircraft.lol

  10. Fly only with temperature testing & a recent doctors clear health cert. Plus fill 2-3 seat rows only with same family members who are travelling together. Single passengers sit in every 2nd or 3rd seat & all get disinfectant wipes to clean their own seat station & can only board with face covering. You can pre-order & pre-pay for food/drink/ items online day before flying & use a 'click-collect' system. You tick a 'fly-at-own-risk' checkbox upon booking tickets..... would not stop me flying!

  11. Only a naive moron would be able to believe this fairytale.
    One step closer to - Total Control!
    Captain I. (not flying at the moment due to C-virus)


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