Air Serbia ups frequencies as demand grows


Air Serbia will increase frequencies on a number of routes up until June 14 due to increased demand. The carrier, which began rebuilding its network out of Belgrade last week, is planning a total of seventy flights on services to London Heathrow, Vienna, Zurich and Frankfurt, instead of the initially scheduled sixteen. “There is a possibility of introducing additional flights if demand arises”, the company said in a statement. The airline will reintroduce a number of destinations in June but has pushed back the resumption of flights to Podgorica, Tivat and Skopje by a week based on preliminary dates planned for the reopening of airports in Montenegro and Macedonia. “The Serbian national airline continues to closely monitor the lifting or extension of travel restrictions at the destinations to which it flies and will adjust its schedule in accordance with these changes”.

May 21 - June 21 operations (correct as of May 27)

DestinationResumption date
Frankfurt, ZurichMay 21
Vienna, LondonMay 24
LjubljanaMay 29
Paris, AmsterdamMay 31
SarajevoJune 4
Banja LukaJune 5
New YorkJune 6
Podgorica, TivatJune 7
Skopje, Sofia, Tirana, Dusseldorf, Stuttgart, Copenhagen, Athens, Thessaloniki, Rome, Milan, Prague, Bucharest, IstanbulJune 15
Zagreb, Brussels, Larnaca, BerlinJune 16
Stockholm, Tel AvivJune 17
BarcelonaJune 20

Air Serbia’s CEO, Duncan Naysmith, said, "Following the resumption of flights on May 21 our traffic is progressively increasing based on demand. We have and will continue to react quickly and adapt to changes in real-time. We all find ourselves in a challenging environment and the framework in which airlines are operating in is constantly changing, but I am convinced that we will succeed and show why Air Serbia is a regional leader".


  1. Anonymous10:32

    Impressive, really good to see demand pick up this fast.

  2. Anonymous10:48

    This shows it was the right thing to start flying early. By the time transfers start their core network will be rebuilt. It probably helps LH doesn't plan on flying to Belgrade before 15.06.

  3. Anonymous11:20

    I don't see why they don't allow transfers.

    1. Anonymous11:21

      Who? Air Serbia does since last Friday.

    2. Anonymous12:02

      Really? Nice.

    3. Anonymous12:03

      Yes, they have lifted the restriction on transfers at the same time when they lifted restriction on entry into Serbia for citizens of any country.

    4. Anonymous13:11

      Brilliant, that's really cool though I doubt they have transfers right now.

  4. Anonymous11:40

    Dobroje da se situacija polako popravlja. Ocekivao sam da i Pariz bude pojacan,mislim da ima dovoljno P2P putnika

  5. Anonymous11:51


  6. Anonymous11:53

    Are the new routes indefinitely postponed or is there an official new launch date (routes such as GVA)? :)

    1. Anonymous11:55

      Indefinitely postponed.

    2. Anonymous11:57

      They should have launched the regional ones + Geneva.

    3. Anonymous16:18

      GVA never made sense though

    4. Anonymous16:57

      Why so?

    5. Anonymous16:57

      It was their best selling route.

    6. Anonymous18:31

      Yeah from the new ones so that doesn't mean much really. easyJet has a grip on that market.

  7. Anonymous12:51

    I got information from Air Serbia that new law has been voted no cash to be returned to the passengers in the cases when Air Serbia cancelled the flights

    1. Anonymous14:21

      No new law, just checked the government gazette. Could be a shareholder decision (shareholder = state = "law"). But where have you been these past few months - LH, AF, no one is issuing refunds.

    2. Anonymous14:29

      There is no law. There is a government recommendation for airlines to issue vouchers which can be used until 31.12.2021

      U skladu sa predlogom Ministarstva građevinarstva, saobraćaja i infrastrukture, Vlada Republike Srbije je 08.05.2020. godine donela Zaključak 343-3718/2020-1 kojim preporučuje avio-prevoziocima kojima je operativna dozvola izdata u skladu sa zakonom kojim se uređuje vazdušni saobraćaj, da zbog otkazanih letova usled vanrednih okolnosti prouzrokovane bolešću COVID-19, putnicima izdaju vaučer na osnovu koga će putnici moći da ostvare svoja prava izborom između:
      promene datuma putovanja, prema sličnim uslovima prevoza, do krajnjeg odredišta kako je putniku prihvatljivo, u zavisnosti od dostupnosti slobodnih mesta;
      mogućnosti da iznos koji odgovara visini pune cene karte po kojoj je ona kupljena iskoristi na nekom od letova u mreži avio-prevozioca nekog kasnijeg datuma kako je putniku prihvatljivo, u zavisnosti od dostupnosti slobodnih mesta.
      Vaučer iz stava 1. ovog člana može se iskoristiti do 31. decembra 2021. godine.

    3. Anonymous16:09

      Mislim da je bezobrazluk sto vaucer moze da se iskoristi samo do 31 decembra ove godine. Pretpostavljam da ce ih dosta ljudi tuziti.

    4. Anonymous16:11

      Nije ove nego 2021

    5. Anonymous16:48

      Ja sam dobio email od air serbia gde pise da mogu da iskoristim svoj vaucer do decembra ove godine. Naravno da mi to ne odgovara, jel moze neki savet sta da radim?
      Zvao sam call centar air serbia, ali su rekli da ne zele da pomere rok, tj da do decembra ove godine moram da iskoristim vaucer.

    6. Anonymous18:32

      Па децембар је за шест месеци, не треба претеривати. Није као да ваучер истиче за месец дана.

  8. Anonymous13:57

    I think JU is prioritising based on the destinations generating more revenue. What do you think?
    It seems they are holding a strong grip on LJU following the demise of JP.
    Plus, VY is selling BCN-BEG starting the 1st July, which is the almost confirmed date when Spain reopens its borders. I highly doubt BCN will be launched on 20th June.

  9. Replies
    1. Anonymous17:23

      Would love to see Warsaw and Munich added at some point.

    2. Anonymous18:32

      GOT as well!!

    3. JATBEGMEL22:54

      They tried and failed in WAW.

      MUC was already 3 daily on LH.

      VLC, OSL and BUD was supposed to open this year along with GVA, AMM, KIV, LWW, ROV amd FLR.

    4. Anonymous03:55

      If LH has enough pax for 3 daily, then surely JU can grab one of those dalies and have a go of it.

    5. Anonymous07:06

      SVO is three daily on SU, should JU suspend that as well? JU already failed in Kiev once in the past yet they are doing fine now. Why can't be WAW a similar success story? We need to have more faith in Air Serbia and it's team.

      As for Munich, the market is massive. Don't forget that there is also Wizz Air to Memmingen. Maybe JU could give NUE a try.

    6. Anonymous08:10

      W6 was flying NUE-BEG and it was not successful. No need to start MUC.

      LH flies only FRA-BEG and MUC-BEG while JU flies from BEG to DUS, TXL, STR, HAM, FRA.

      Not to mention where in Germany JU flies from INI

    7. Nemjee08:14

      Just a small correction, JU no longer flies to HAM while LH flies from STR to BEG by using EW- at least that's the plan for now.

    8. Anonymous08:21

      EW will be flying only seasonally from STR to BEG.

      From the other side W6 was successful in MLA much more than JU.

      And NUE is only 2 hours driving from FRA where JU planned to fly 7 pw. So, I do not think NUE would be successful

    9. Nemjee08:22

      Just to add, the market seems to be quite big.


      2016: 122.145
      2017: 129.301
      2018: 142.488
      2019: 206.652


      2016: 32.635
      2017: 38.789
      2018: 45.644
      2019: 43.629

      Of course, a great deal of passengers to MUC are transfers but the sheer size of the market indicates that there must be a great deal of O&D demand especially since Bavaria is home to thousands of Serbs. Add to that the rest of the Balkans and then growing business times and it shows that there is room for JU to launch MUC at some point.

    10. Nemjee08:23

      Wizz Air also failed in Rome and Brussels yet JU keeps on flying to both cities successfully. Don't forget that unlike Wizz Air, Air Serbia has a network it can feed with transfers thus compensating for the lack of local demand.

    11. Nemjee08:32

      My point is that just because Wizz Air failed in a certain market doesn't mean there is no room for JU to grow there. Malta failed because they had to compete, not only with Wizz Air from Belgrade, but also Ryanair from INI. On top of that, BEG isn't perfectly positioned to serve the market from Malta to western Europe so JU had to rely mostly on locals. In the end the route was terminated and the capacity shifted elsewhere.

      As for NUE, it's home to a large Balkan community and JU could carry the 100+ passengers Wizz Air used to have plus add some transfers and there you go. Air Serbia and Wizz Air have a fundamentally different business model.

  10. Anonymous18:42

    Red Wings returns to Belgrade on 17.06. Seems like demand is recovering on all fronts. Great to see the market recover so fast. These two months were depressing.

  11. So add also Helsinki asap back to list

  12. Anonymous21:26

    I just heard from Air Serbia that they have cancelled my Flight from LHR on 7th of June !
    This seems to contradict their newsflash statement that they are increasing frequencies. Does anyone know if they will in fact be adding any more flights before 15th of June to LHR. Seems very odd to immediately cancel one of the listed flights right after such a positive announcement!!

    1. Anonymous22:33

      Just checked in the system and the flight is there. Check with our call center.

  13. Anonymous23:58

    Are they still getting paid for Niš flights, anyone? By the agreement they singed they got paid 5 mil. eur per year, but if the flights didn't operate in April, May and perhaps in June, will it be possible to discount 1.250,000 euros, from final payment and do something useful out of that money on this miserable airport terminal they've got?

    1. Anonymous07:10

      Well, the terminal is already being renovated and expanded so no need to steal money from JU. Then, why should JU return or not receive these funds? After all OU keeps its money for PSO and so do Aegean and Air France.

    2. Anonymous08:10

      It seems that only JU is here under the fire

  14. Anonymous07:38

    What matters is that Serbian aviation is recovering much faster than the rest and by the time corona passes JU and BEG will keep on thriving. I can't wait for BEG to be expanded as well.

  15. What capacity AirSerbia is flying to NYC and back?


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