Air Transat delays Zagreb resumption


Canadian leisure carrier Air Transat has pushed back the resumption of its seasonal summer flights between Toronto and Zagreb by a month, until July 2, due to the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic. It comes as the airline extended its overall service suspension up until June 30. "These are extraordinary circumstances, when all airlines and travel companies have been forced to temporarily halt or drastically reduce their operations while governments have decided to close their borders. This unprecedented situation is well beyond our control”, Air Transat said in a statement. The airline now plans to fly to the Croatian capital three times per week until mid-September, after which services will run up to two times per week until late October. Further changes remain highly likely. Air Canada Rouge has suspended its seasonal service between Toronto and Zagreb for this year.


  1. Anonymous15:37

    Whats the use of all those airlines flying? Most people are not allowed to enter countries anyway or must do Quarataine anyway. I would not want to go to Canada to spend two weeks in a room on my own costs and then return if I lucky enough to be able to board anyway. It is not for no reason flights are cancelled.

    1. There are actually three reasons. 1, if airlines don’t fly certain routes, they can loose the rights to those routes, which could be a huge problem once air travel picks up.
      2, airlines want/need to keep Captains and cabin crews current, even if flying with very few passengers.
      3, many planes still fly mail and freight between cities. You know, the mail must go on.

    2. Anonymous08:01

      All those reasons does not apply for YYZ-ZAG route - flight permits are ok, crews can do refresh on shorter routes that cost less and no freight/mail on YYZ-ZAG flights

  2. Obviously these are leisure grouo and individual flights that will only resume when enteance to both countries is back to pre virus conditions!! As a tour operator for Canadians to Central Europe I personaly do not see it much before Septwmber or October, if at all in 2020!


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