Belgrade and Skopje among East Europe’s best


Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport and Skopje Airport have been named among the top ten best in Eastern Europe at the 2020 Skytrax World Airport Awards. Belgrade Airport was placed sixth among Eastern Europe’s best airports, down one place from 2019's rank. It marks the sixth consecutive year it has placed inside the top ten. On the other hand, Skopje positioned itself as the ninth best, making a return to the list following a year absence. Zagreb, which was featured on the list for the first time in 2019 did not make the top ten cut this year. No other airport from the former Yugoslavia managed to enter the top ten of any categories. Furthermore, no airport in the region was among the top 100 best airports in the world, with Singapore’s Changi Airport taking the title for an eighth year in a row. The 2020 World Airport Awards were based on 13.73 million customer nominations across 100 nationalities of air travellers, and included 550 airports worldwide.


4Kiev Boryspil

The World Airport Awards are considered the most prestigious accolades for the airport industry voted by customers in the largest annual global airport customer satisfaction survey. The evaluation took place between September 2019 and February 2020. It is the sixth time in the award’s twenty-year history that two airports from the former Yugoslavia have entered the top ten of any category, which includes the world’s best airport, most improved airport, airport with the best staff, best security and best transit airport, to name a few. According to Skytrax, the survey and awards process is independent and guaranteed free of any airport influence or interference in final results. It evaluates customer satisfaction across 39 key performance indicators for airport service and product - from check-in, arrivals, transfers, shopping, security and immigration, through to departure at the gate. The awards ceremony was to be held in Paris on April 1 but was cancelled due to the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic. Winners were announced today.


2Tokyo Haneda
4Seoul Incheon
6Hong Kong
7Tokyo Narita
8Nagoya Centrair


  1. Anonymous13:33

    yay back in the top10 :D

  2. Anonymous13:55

    SKP did a lot and well deserved achievements. New terminal, good management, many new routes, punctuality, less delays, legacy vs LCC is okay, etc.
    Ain't surprised by the Baltic tigers. They sure achieved a lot. TLL was a village airport and it now has a traffic of almost 3,3 million being the smallest Baltic state and very close to HEL.
    RIX is most likely to climb up the pedestal as BT continues to become a real, regional player.
    I guess ZAG misses points to due the lack of LCC and connectivities.
    BUD and OTP - no comment there. Very hard work was done from both.
    TBS developed extremely well and has become something like TIA securing more and more connections and never stopped growing.
    BTS - not sure why they are on the list. This airport has not achieved that much. Perhaps good infrastructure and close to VIE.
    SOF needs long-haul and a new terminal to climb up the ranking. Lets see what MUC airport will do with its concession.
    BEG also achieved good results. JU expansion and frequency increases, etc. The competition with RIX is still there.

    1. Anonymous14:23

      BTS and SKP are very comparable in many things which makes me believe that this list is somewhat legit, as reflected in this ranking:
      Both are very similar in size and interestingly look very similar. (BTS has a slight advantage in terms of more electronic displays vs. ordinary metal displays of SKP).
      SKP has better gastronomic offer than BTS, including the infamous Burger King ;)
      Public transport to/from is more frequent in BTS than in SKP.
      The Lounge in BTS is a bit larger than the one in SKP with a slightly better offer in food, but SKP has a view of the runway which BTS does not.
      So, in summary quite comparable and well reflected in this ranking place 7 and 9.

    2. Anonymous14:43

      and TBS was a mini copy of SKP (since it also run by TAV). But they have enlarged it in previous years so i cannot comment on the new part of it

    3. Anonymous15:25

      Interesting. BTS and SKP are quite identical yes. But if you look at its network, it is nothing but a shadow of VIE and definitely the LCC alternative.
      It seems that SKP-BTS and SOF-BTS are performing extremely well even with the fierce presence of Lauda and OS and so many flights to VIE.
      I mean, 3 weekly SKP-BTS for a 320 is quite a decent number. Overall, excellent results from SKP.
      Still remember those shabby years during the MAT era and an airport with barely any connections to Europe and traffic figures as little as 600,000 per year! Well done MK and well done SKP!

    4. Anonymous15:52

      it was 4 weekly on A321 but its reduced to 3 for now because of the new flights from VIE to OHD and PRN

    5. Aэrologic18:15

      The new part is ok albeit dull.

      TBS was better before it.

    6. Aэrologic18:17

      It was made somehow cheaper.

    7. Anonymous18:43

      SKP-BTS was 4 x Week in their summer time table, and if i'm not mistaken all of these flights were by an A321-and this despite VIE-OHD by W6.

  3. Anonymous15:29

    BEG will be in top 5 when the extension is completed.

    1. Anonymous18:14

      I clearly don't know how BUD made it into the top.

    2. Anonymous19:17

      You don't? I do.


    3. Anonymous19:54


    4. Anonymous19:54


    5. Anonymous23:48

      Why is BUD first?

      1. Extensive connections worldwide
      2. Excellent mix of LCC and legacy
      3. 6 London airports
      4. LCC hub and long-haul one
      5. Daily 773 EK
      6. Chinese and Canadian connections
      7. Top EU tourist, cultural and economical capital

      Current traffic is what is expected in other capitals by 2025.

    6. JATBEGMEL01:58

      BEG's rating could be better however:

      - check in staff are usually cold, borderline rude at times.
      - Same goes for the staff at, immigration control. Absolutely hate the 'frisby' throwing off passports.
      - Arrivals is disorganised. The lines for the different category passports (Serbian/EU/other countries etc) is all mixed regardless of the signage. Border police I have noticed have that slight touch of racism.
      - Some airport staff usually uninformed and create more chaos than help.
      - The smart gate at BEG is slow when working, usually its not functioning.
      - Toilets untidy, missing working light bulbs, or water on the floor.
      - although there has been improvement on food outlets, its still pathetic comparing the size of the airport. The cafe at T1 is more trashier than the trashiest kafanas in Belgrade.
      - Smoking lounge at gate A6 gives that authentic 'squating slav' eastern european feel. The one at C4 is better, however ventilation could be better.
      - duty free selection isnt anything special. The basics pretty much that is overpriced.
      - announcements sound more of bus station quality. Im sure prerecorded announcements wouldnt be hard to create. After all, if we have them in the public transport im sure an international airport can do it as well.

      Sure, more airlines are flying into BEG but that doesnt mean its better. OTP for example is a zoo yet ranked 2nd. However, they offer more, better outlets than BEG and had friendlier staff. Its a shame as slight touches could make for a more pleasant experience.

    7. Anonymous06:34

      Well we will have to see what BUD actually keeps from all those airlines now that crisis has hit. It will show us the true, organic demand of the supposedly prosperous Hungarian market. As for China flights, I have my doubts any of those will comeback before 2022 or 2025.

  4. Bear in mind, there are 13 million votes from around the world. Higher traffic airports are going to get way more points than Eastern Europe. I just feel bad for those passengers that never got to experience our airports here in the Ex-YU.

    1. Anonymous15:41

      Well thanks to Air Serbia and it's transfer strategy more and more people will get to experience BEG.

  5. Anonymous18:08


    Look at their reviews on Skytrax or Google Maps

    They're horrible.

  6. Anonymous19:16

    Interesting that BUD is classified as eastern europe and VIE and WAW (both ahead of BUD) as central europe.

    1. Anonymous20:28

      Maybe because they couldn't honour the bribe from WAW and BUD at the same time?

    2. Anonymous20:30

      WAW is clearly Eastern Europe.

    3. Anonymous21:35

      WAW is more to the east than Belgrade is, even Zagreb. lol

    4. Anonymous22:34

      Politically, geographically, economywise?

    5. Anonymous23:28

      In every sense.

    6. Anonymous23:47


  7. Anonymous23:54

    "Belgrade Airport was placed sixth among Eastern Europe’s best airports, down one place from 2019's rank."
    That was expected with the Baltic capitals. I think VNO will be next. Excellent terminal with a rail link for just 0,60€ every 11 min to the downtown. Spotless and civilised. Air bridges and friendly staff.

  8. Anonymous01:01

    Belgrade is not in Eastern Europe.. but Southeastern Europe or even South Europe.

    The airport itself is actually in Central Europe.

    1. Anonymous06:36

      Belgrade is in Balkana and we love it for it. I don't think anyone here cares if we are eastern or central Europe, if you ask an average Serb they will tell you we are Balkan followed by eastern European. We are not like Polish or Hungarians who are pathetically stressing over when someone calls them eastern European.

    2. Anonymous10:40

      Agree!! :-)

  9. Anonymous22:25

    Belgrade should also be ranked high for pandemic activity. It had many rescue flights, frequent Air Serbia long haul medical supply flights with ARA and APH and many exotic wide body flights from all over the world. For example, MIAT Mongolian Airlines 767 from Ulan Bator is landing at BEG tonight!!!

    1. Verovatno je prvi put da Mongolska kompanija MIAT slece na Beogradski aerodrom?. Izuzev avio prevoznika iz Juzne Amerike i sa Pacifika, iz ostalih delova sveta vazdusna luka Beograda je domacin mnogima u zadnjih sest decenija. Pravi uspon tek predstoji. Obnovom, prosirenjem koje je u toku.?
      Rodney ✈🌐🛫♥️✈

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