British Airways axes planned Podgorica service


British Airways has suspended plans to launch seasonal summer flights between London Heathrow Airport and Podgorica due to the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic. The airline was to inaugurate the service on July 4 and maintain flights once per week until August 29. Ticket sales have now been suspended. The carrier’s new seasonal service to Pristina, which is to run over the same period, is still scheduled at this point.


  1. Anonymous11:20

    oh no

  2. Anonymous13:09

    These kind of news make me sad. This is a really bad period for Montenegro, first YM and now all these cancellations.

  3. Too bad that the BA is not coming. It would be sort of a milestone, but the route will be serviced by Ryanair and YM and connections will hopefully be maintained through codeshares via CDG, VIE, FRA etc.


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