Croatia Airlines makes face masks compulsory


Croatia Airlines has made the wearing of face masks or facial coverings compulsory for all passengers on board its aircraft as of today. Acceptable facial coverings include double layer cotton face masks, surgical masks and filtering half masks with or without a valve (FFP2/N95). The Croatian carrier currently operates a single daily flight between Zagreb and Frankfurt. As of next Monday (May 11), the airline will resume domestic flights from the Croatian capital to Dubrovnik and Split, both of which will initially operate twice per day. Together with Lufthansa, Croatia Airlines is one of the first European carriers to make the wearing of face masks compulsory on all flights.


  1. Anonymous12:13

    The new normal. Although LH has made it obligatory to wear masks until 31.8.2020.

  2. Anonymous12:34

    Same as LH, OS, LX, EN, SN, EW, WK, CL, XQ, XG.

    1. Anonymous18:10

      in LX its recommended not a must!

  3. Anonymous18:04

    Complete waste of time. In the UK we won't be wearing face masks. They offer very limited protection against Coronavirus especially of they are not the proper ones N95. The rest are offering false sense of security. Cabin Air in an aircraft is as pure as an operating theatre, these masks are a load of nonsense the same as social distancing is, leaving the middle seat empty.
    If it's that dangerous to be close to someone then flying should be completely banned until it becomes safe.


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