easyJet not to resume EX-YU operations before July


Low cost carrier easyJet has said it will resume some flights on June 15, with all passengers and cabin crew told to wear face masks to protect against the coronavirus. The airline announced that it would restart a "small number" of routes where there is enough customer demand. The initial schedule will include domestic routes across the UK and France, as well services between Portugal, Switzerland and Spain. The airline does not plan to restart flights to any of its destinations in the former Yugoslavia before July at the earliest. easyJet serves the markets in Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia. easyJet’s Chief Executive, Johan Lundgren, said that "these are small and carefully planned steps".


  1. Anonymous17:10

    Why though?

  2. Anonymous18:13

    Meh their presence is anyway pathetic and minimal so it's not like we are at a big loss

    1. Anonymous18:24

      They are the busiest airline in Slovenia and carry over a million passengers in Croatia...

    2. Anonymous20:41

      Pathetic and minimal is a lot bigger than OU on the coast. Stupid comment.

    3. Anonymous22:52

      Clearly someone is still waiting for a refund! Pathetic and minimal ���� do some research before silly comments!

    4. Anonymous06:39

      It's really ok honey because this year OU will have a good business on the coast so don't worry about them.

  3. Anonymous13:18

    Considering the current state of the epidemic in the UK, no surprise there.


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