Edelweiss to resume Macedonia, Kosovo flights


Edelweiss Air has resumed operations today after more than two months, with the carrier to restart services to Skopje, Ohrid and Pristina in June. The Swiss International Air Lines subsidiary confirmed that flights between Zurich and Skopje will be reinstated on June 7, while services to Ohrid will start on June 14. Daily operations between Zurich and Pristina are due to commence on June 15. As planning is very much contingent on entry restrictions at the respective destinations, the airline’s flight timetable is being adjusted on an ongoing basis and is subject to change. Airports in both Macedonia and Kosovo are currently closed for commercial traffic, although their reopening is expected during the first half of June.


  1. Anonymous11:05

    I wonder how Chair can fly every second day do PRN and Edelweiss is restricted?

    1. Anonymous11:28

      I think because those are repatriation flights.

  2. Anonymous13:14

    Really good to see them coming back to Ohrid as well.


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