Finnair suspends Ljubljana service for 2020


Finnair has suspended its seasonal flights between Helsinki and Ljubljana for the whole of 2020 as a result of the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic. The carrier has been working on developing its post-coronavirus network with the airline to start operating services to key cities throughout Europe and Asia from July 1. Flights to Ljubljana are scheduled to resume on March 29, 2021. Initially, prior to the coronavirus, the airline planned to increase operations to the Slovenian capital from five weekly to daily this summer. Finnair has tentatively scheduled the resumption of its seasonal flights to Dubrovnik and Split from August 1. In total, Finnair’s service levels will rise to approximately 30% of normal capacity in July, up from 5% during the April - June period. “We expect aviation to recover gradually, starting in July. Our intention is to operate approximately 30% of our normal amount of flights in July, and we will also start long haul flights to our key Asian destinations. We will then add routes and frequencies month by month as demand recovers”, Finnair’s Chief Commercial Officer, Ole Orver, said.


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    Finnair Cancelled European routes between July 2020 and March 2021:
    (from Finnair)

    Alicante, Athens, Bergen, Billund, Bodo, Bologna, Gdansk, Santorini, Ljubljana, Lyon, Naples, Nice, Porto,Tarto,Tel Aviv, Trondheim, Umea, Visby, Venice

  3. Anonymous16:53

    We don't need Adria, they said. And they really were intellectually challanged.

    1. Anonymous18:18

      Feel free to open your own Adria v2. I'm happy slovenian tax-payers don't need to sponsor that failed system anymore.

    2. Anonymous18:28

      facepalm* telling that in the moment when every single country is helping their struggling airlines

    3. Anonymous19:08 is reacting...

    4. Anonymous19:16

      The funny thing is that at current time they could use EU money to found the creation of new airline as EU has designated a large sum of money to SLO with low restrictions on it's usage.

    5. Anonymous22:14

      What does this has to do with Adria? I don't remember them flying to HEL in recent history.

      Finnair was flying this route seasonally for years and anybody who's following the industry knows that the summer season 2020 is toast.

      As for Adria 2.0. Raise the capital, get couple of cheap aircraft, cheap crew and off you go. If you've got a solid business plan, one could argue it's never been a better time to start an airline than now - lots of cheap resources available on the market.

      But you were probably thinking something in line of couple of 100m for start and 20-30m a year from the government, no questions asked type of deal?

    6. Anonymous22:26

      Well, for starters, without Adria there is less traffic/destinations from LJU.

      All those smartarses predicting LJU to bounce back after Adria's demise where dead wrong.

      Yes, I was thinking more along the lines of tax payers sponsoring the company. After all, if almost every single country in the EU is doing it, why not Slovenia. It's not like you now have a better health care system or higher pensions. Or do you?

    7. Anonymous23:21

      I agree a lot can understand this as "not again this story" but my concern is that LJU is to big (high costs) to survive on 20-25 dayle flights (10-15 aircraft par day). My personal interest is only to have active international airport within Slo.

    8. Anonymous09:54

      @Anon 22:26: Ah, the magical money tree. You realise somebody will have to pay for it in the end?

    9. Anonymous07:12

      @Anonymous 09:54:

      Didn't I say that? Do you realise somebody will have to pay for people seating at home during the coronavirus crisis?

      If they're getting the money, why not subsidising an airline? Everyone in Europe else seems to be doing it. Or are we just that much smarter than everyone else?!

  4. Ajde shvatimo več jednom da je ova godina idealna za samoubistvo aviokompanija - malo mi je žao da Adria nije bila u stanju da "umre" kolektivno,več je htjela biti "pionir" ;)


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