Flynas shelves planned new Sarajevo service


Saudi Arabian low cost carrier Flynas has suspended plans to launch its new service between Qassim and Sarajevo this summer season. Flights were to commence on May 25 and operate three times per week. Furthermore, the airline will not be resuming its seasonal operations between Jeddah and Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capital. The Saudi carrier plans to restart flights between Riyadh and Sarajevo from June 15.


  1. Anonymous11:23

    Unfortunately I think these smaller, tertiary markers will suffer the most.

  2. Anonymous11:45

    I think this is a huge shame as Bosnia needs tourists as they bring fresh capital - those famous devize

  3. Replies
    1. Anonymous13:27

      They come back. Tourist bring money.

  4. Anonymous13:34

    Good for FlyBosnia


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