Montenegro Airlines suspends operations until June


Montenegro Airlines has again extended its service suspension and is now planning to resume operations on June 1. The carrier discontinued commercial flights on March 16 due to the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic. It previously said that once it resumes flights, regional operations would restart first.


  1. Anonymous13:36

    I wonder if TIV or TGD might open prior to that for Air Serbia flights from 18.5?

    1. Anonymous13:43

      That would make sense, the market is big outside the tourist season. JU could easily operate 10 weekly to TGD now and three weekly to TIV.

    2. Anonymous13:49

      Airports are closed until June too.

    3. Anonymous14:44

      This is bad, that means tourism isn't expected until mid-June, July. Ouch.

    4. Anonymous14:55

      The only ones that will visit mne this year is serbs and considering how their goverment Hate us,i hope we stay home. Let their fellow friends from neighbouring areas visit them instead.

    5. Anonymous14:59

      I think you might be right because when our government speaks of the summer season they don't mention MNE, mostly Greece, Turkey and Egypt.

    6. Anonymous15:08

      Is there any official source that airports in MNE are closed until June?

    7. Anonymous16:37

      Borders are close until 1st June, so the airports may remain close until this date.

    8. Anonymous17:54

      OK - thanks for info. Is there any official source of the border closure till 1st June (I'm not saying it's wrong, just for reference and to send on to some other people affected by this).

    9. Anonymous17:56

      This is going to be a disastrous year, let's see what damages will be once summer season starts.

    10. Anonymous18:03

      Here is an article from Serbia's Политика where at the end they mention that borders will only be opened from June 1st. Actually it is a very interesting article since it says that MNE might be opened on June first but it's only then they will be able to prepare for the summer season.

    11. Anonymous18:54

      But what is it mean the borders are closed? We've seen Serbia claim the same and then of course people were coming back because you cannot forbid your own citizens from accessing the country (you can forbid all foreigners). So if airports end up opening, Montenegrin citizens could use BEG flights to get back home?

    12. Anonymous19:47

      It was on governement website and Vijesti a few weeks ago. A few road borders (1 or 2 per country) are opened but only for transport of goods, Montenegrin citizens and foreigners with residency card can enter, with mandatory quarantine. For the airports, it's rapatriation flights.

    13. Anonymous20:48

      From what I know even Serbs were not allowed in, those who came on specially chartered flights had to apply at the embassy in order to get in. Borders were closed.


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