Skopje Airport registers passenger decline


Skopje Airport has seen its passenger numbers decline during the first quarter of the year as a result of the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic. The airport welcomed a total of 383.435 travellers through its doors during the Q1 period, representing a decrease of 15.6% on 2019. Skopje Airport closed for commercial flights on March 18. The Macedonian Ministry for Transport and Communications has warned that no date has been given for its reopening and urged the public to refrain from purchasing airline tickets until it officially announces the resumption of commercial flights.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN164.091 7.7
FEB147.717 7.3
MAR71.627 56.5


  1. Anonymous18:58

    So why is Wizz selling tickets for flights from SKP from 19 May onwards when there is clearly no prospect of that? Nice 'National Airline' to have...

    1. Anonymous19:03

      Same way Air Serbia, Croatia Airlines and Montenegro Airlines were selling tickets for flights that were obviously not going to happen.

    2. Anonymous06:32

      JU was selling vouchers and you could rebook yourself on another flight at a later date.

  2. Anonymous21:21

    There are people that have already bought tickets for 19 May from Zürich to Skopje! Does anybody know if there will be flights on May 19th or not? And if not then when will the airport be open again?

    1. Anonymous22:23

      no news at the moment

  3. Anonymous21:36

    I booked a flight from BSL-OHD flying 19.05 and a flight BSL-SKP on the 18.05.
    The flight to SKP was cancelled. The flight to OHD is still confirmed. I could rebook the flight to Skopje starting from 19.05. Does Wizzair have more information than the public?


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