Wizz Air to launch new Belgrade, Tuzla and Skopje flights

Low cost carrier Wizz Air will introduce a new service from Belgrade, Tuzla and Skopje to Salzbiurg in Austria starting from July 2 and July 3. Flights will run twice per week from each city with the Airbus A320 aircraft. The development comes just a day after the budget airline announced it would launch flights from Milan to Pristina in July. Wizz Air has said it will look for new opportunities in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic and deploy capacity where it sees opportunities. The airline will have no direct competition on either of the three routes, although Air Serbia maintains operations between Niš and Salzburg.

RouteLaunch date
Belgrade - SalzburgJuly 2
Tuzla - SalzburgJuly 2
Skopje - SalzburgJuly 3

Commenting on the carrier's operations, Wizz Air CEO, Jozsef Varadi, said, "We are aware that there will be a short-term dent in demand resulting from the coronavirus, and are trimming some of our capacity because of that, but we are not closing a single operating base and we are not closing a single route. We are just reducing the frequencies of certain routes. We are also continuing to take on deliveries of new aircraft and between now and June 2021, we will be taking on 22 new deliveries, substantially growing our fleet and capacity, and that's why we are launching new activities, new routes, and possibly new bases".

Wizz Air sees demand and customer confidence slowly returning. "Right now we are flying at about 10% of our total capacity. We are sensing demand for our service in many ways in our system and also from talking to various parties who understand customer behavior, and look at the way people are searching for holidays, travel opportunities and the like. We think people want to travel, people want to fly again", Mr Varadi said. He added, "The problem, by and large, is not people’s intention to travel, but rather the restrictions put in place by governments, which makes things quite unpredictable. During good times, with no state restrictions, we operate in 45 countries. There are currently no two countries of those 45 that have imposed the same restrictions. The whole process has become totally uncoordinated, it's quite a mess and it makes it very hard for people to look past these issues, of how they can leave their country, how they can get into another country, and how their movements will be restricted".


  1. Anonymous10:15

    Since this route from Belgrade will be operated with a BEG based aircraft - which of the existing routes are getting reductions?

    1. Anonymous10:17

      Wow that was your first thought on news like this? The route from all three cities is being operated by aircraft from those cities.

    2. Anonymous10:19

      And maybe they are not cutting any. Last summer Wizz Air flew Belgrade-Lyon which is not being operated this year. So there. You don't have to begin with the negativity straight away.

    3. Anonymous10:22

      Why do you feel like I was being negative? I am just genuinely interested because I would like to know. I'm using Wizz Air from BEG a lot and I would like to know what to expect in terms of future use of existing routes. It was just a question, you shouldn't be getting that upset by it.

    4. Anonymous10:23

      BEG and negativity usually go together in the comment section of this blog.

      Regarding the route, it's interesting that Serbia will have quite a few connections to that region:


    5. Anonymous10:25

      Here is the schedule:

      Thursday and Sunday

      BEG-SZG 18.10-19.35
      SZG-BEG 20.10-21.35

      So it will be operated with a BEG plane and with a pretty great timetable.

    6. Anonymous10:27

      Interesting that the plane will come back so early to BEG.

    7. Anonymous11:09

      There is also INI-NUE connection

    8. Anonymous11:13

      The INI-SZG route will be strongly hit. Never imagined so much demand to SZG. It's like the new FMM or FKB.....

    9. Anonymous11:19

      INI SZG was already a hot last summer


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    11. Anonymous07:38

      Seems like JU responded to Wizz Air. INI-SZG gets a new timetable:

      INI-SZG 16.25-18.10
      SZG-INI 18.55-20.30

      The fight is not over Wizz Air.

    12. Anonymous12:54

      These are the former flight times, Air Serbia used to have the first few months on this route.

  2. Anonymous10:21

    It makes sense. Huge disapora in Austria and neighbouring Bavaria.

    1. Anonymous10:27

      I think Bavaria is served by FMM.

    2. Aэrologic10:37

      I've been talking about this route for 5 years that could have been easily served with JU's Atr from BEG and as an alternative to MUC.

      It was ignored.

    3. Anonymous10:59

      everyone south of Munich now will not have to bother with Memmingen anymore. SZG is a such a more pleasant experience then FMM

    4. Anonymous12:57

      SZG is way better connected to all larger cities than FMM. Salzburg is easiely reachable by train from Rosenheim, Munich, Linz, Innsbruck, St.Pölten, Vienna, etc.
      There are mulitply trolleybus lines from the city center and the main train station to SZG airport as well as plenty of regional buses stopping at SZG as well.

  3. Anonymous10:26

    Are they getting subsidies for SKP-SZG? After all it is a new route.

    1. Anonymous10:41

      Of course not.. government is on crise no time for new tenders

  4. Anonymous10:40

    Great news :)

  5. Anonymous10:43

    "we are not closing a single operating base and we are not closing a single route." this is very important. Great news.

    1. Anonymous10:48

      This is best proof how vital they are for the future of our region.

    2. Anonymous10:49

      This will do well in winter, for many it will be a great gateway for the Alps and skiing.

  6. WOW and some of you slashed me yesterday for saying this:

    "for me the biggest news is that they are flying to SALZBURG (from Larnaca) , first route ever .... a gastarbeiter hotspot , interesting for future tenders ;)"
    there are so many yugos around Salzburg.Cheap flights from SZG will attract every gasto south of Munich. Wizz could easily start BEG,SKP,PRN .."

    I appologoze for forgetting Bosna though :)

    Great news! Totally unexpected at these times

  7. Anonymous11:04

    Great news for travelers and BEG, TZL and SKP airports.
    Bad news for JU thugh.

    1. Anonymous11:15

      I completely agree. W6 love to attack the competition by launching the same route, the same timetable. And boy, if they depoly that 230 seater it will be a huge blow....

    2. Anonymous11:17

      They are using A320s on these routes not A321.

    3. Dejan11:48

      A320 NEOs are at least 15% more economic than the A320 ceos that JU is flying.
      JU getting an Embraer E190/195-E2 or an A220 would make them extremely competitive not only with W6 but with every other airline in our market.

    4. Anonymous11:53

      Dejan +1
      ASL finally needs to go for regional jets.

    5. Anonymous12:27

      How exactly is this bad news for JU when they don't compete directly with them. If this is bad news for anyone then it's LH from MUC to ZAG and BEG and OU from MUC to ZAG.

    6. Anonymous12:35

      and OS and JU on VIE-BEG after that logic

      but the truth is most of the Wizz customers will be "new generated ones"

    7. Anonymous15:33

      Vienna is not really affected because SZG is not that close. If they launched BTS BEG/ZAG then we could talk babe

  8. Anonymous11:04

    Wow awesome news!! So happy for Macedonia and all other countries!

  9. Anonymous11:06

    Fantastic :) For those that haven't been Salzburg looks like from a fairytale. Highly recommend for a weekend trip (in summer and in winter).

  10. Anonymous11:06

    Did they really cut off 20% of their workforce???

    I mean they have announced new bases in Ukraine, Larnaca, MXP and are in talks for creating one in Armenia. Whats going on?

    1. They have grounded dozens of aircraft, have cut completely dozens of routes and reduced frequencies on almost all others. Plus in the new bases they will probably hire locals.
      It is a very bad situation for aviation professionals right now all over the world.

    2. Anonymous12:19

      the article says that not a single route will be cut

    3. Dozens of W6 routes around Europe have already been cut.

    4. Anonymous16:43

      I wouldn't say dozen but a few have, mostly in Romania.

    5. Anonymous18:06

      In terms of market growth, Romania is yesterday's news.

  11. Varady is apparently travelling to Tirana today as well. a new base?

    1. Anonymous11:37

      Looks like its on that way. With the new Italian routes, Wizz will have 10 destinations from TIA

    2. Anonymous12:08

      TIA is really booming. Roads being fixed, the coast is also booming. If TIA continues this trend, it can easily reach 6 million by 2022. For example W6 will operate TIA-BGY and TIA-LTN daily!!

    3. Anonymous12:14

      If Kukës airport actually opens, i dont really see TIA reach 6 million that soon

    4. Anonymous12:17

      offcourse when Ernest or what it was called went to history. BGY is 5 weekly though

    5. Anonymous12:21

      Was daily, but Corona ruined it

    6. Anonymous12:28

      Anon 12:17 - BGY is going daily starting Mar 2021

    7. Anonymous12:52

      6 million?

      Are you for real?

    8. ILoveAviation13:23

      They are opening a new base at TIA, let's see where they are planning to expand.

    9. Anonymous13:26

      Their system shows many new destinations available to book from Tirana: Charleroi, Prague, Basel, Beauvais, Schoenefeld, Hahn, Hamburg, Karlsruhe, Heraklion, Rhodes, Bari, Bologna, Catania, Bergamo, Malpensa, Pisa, Turin, Treviso, Verona, Eindhoven. Something's cooking.

    10. Anonymous14:04

      Yep, just announced now in TIA

    11. Anonymous14:13


      New base

    12. Anonymous15:16

      OMG!!! TIA expansion is IMPRESSIVE!!

    13. Anonymous15:20

      Shouldn't exyuaviation be the first who announces such a news? I wonder why there isn't anything about it so far.

    14. Anonymous15:22

      Because Albania is not a part of ex-Yu or a country this site covers.

    15. Nemjee15:35

      Albania should be included, they are a fun market.

    16. Anonymous15:37

      20 new routes is simply unbelievable! The total number will be 25. This makes it larger than KIV, TSR, BEG and very close to SKP...

    17. ILoveAviation16:02

      So, WizzAir is basing 3 Arbus 320 aircrafts in TIA which is the 2nd most expensive airport in Europe, after Frankfurt, when it comes to airport charges. It shows how important and profitable this market actually is.
      Hat off to Wizz which saw an opportunity in these dark times and seized it. Surprised they did not include in their long list other unserved markets like the Scandinavian region but I suppose 15 new destinations is more than enough.
      What I really would like to see next is more direct regional connections such as: Zagreb, Tirana, Sofia, Sarajevo, NIS, Skopje, Bucharest even if it is only during the Summer. Belgrade is the only airline which has decent regional connections.

    18. ILoveAviation16:04

      *Belgrade is the only City* (sorry for the typo)

    19. The answer to the doubts can be found here:


      As of 1st July, TIA is applying a hefty incentive programme and of course this pleased the likes of Varadi Úr. No wonder why he flew to TIA today as someone earlier mentioned.
      The programme seems to be well organised and prepared.

      Tbh, TIA is quite a surprise. I read on the news that they are enjoying lots of tourism and watched a documentary on the capital developments. Very cool and happy for them.

      The airport also serves 3 London airports - STN, LTN and LGW, decent Polish charters and of course an impressive Italian coverage.

    20. Nemjee16:47

      Tirana was indeed a brilliant move, it is a market that has been growing and maturing over the years. We even discussed it many times on here. Albania will profit from two things. First, they have for now only one commercial airport in the country and two, they are increasingly becoming an attractive tourist destination. So Tirana will be the main entry and exit point for Albania. If TIA handled some 3.3 million passengers last year then by the end of 2021 I could see them handle around 4.5.

      Definitely an interesting move. Hopefully JU responds by going double daily ASAP.

    21. Anonymous16:50

      For sure the most exotic destination is HER.

    22. Agree with Nemjee. I read various blogs about the Albanian coast and the photos were amazing. The same goes for the capital.
      4.5m is definitely reachable with 3 new aircraft + increase in the existing popular routes. It will be very interesting to see if FR will intervene to this move. Both airlines have been "fighting" e.g. Armenia, Ukraine, Jordan vs Israel, Poland and so on.
      Yes, JU must not only increase frequency but capacity too. The A319 does the job.

    23. Anonymous17:12

      @above: take in account Ernest which held 17% of the traffic last year (some 500k pax) is gone! 4,5m is bit too optimistic, but close to 4m more likely

      the most surpising is PRG. there are apparently lot of albanian workers on Crete so HER is probably gasto similar to our Malta flights

    24. Anonymous17:22

      TIA may be the only airport in Albania but only for now. Kukës Airport will finish its reconstruction next year. Located right in the middle of the TIA-PRN-SKP triangle it will be a very good opportunity for Ryanair to chime in.
      As for HER and RHO, not much of a surprise as there are more than 500,000 Albanian gastos living in Greece. PRG is definitely interesting but im sure it will be a hit during the summer. Winter 2x weekly should be ok

    25. Half a million is quite a number! Had no clue. Thanks for sharing. I think PRG may be a mix of "gasto" and leisure.
      Nice for Kukës. Just saw some videos on YouTube of its ongoing construction. Do you know what the proposed IATA code will be? For sure, W6 will be eyeing the airport.

    26. Anonymous17:59

      IATA code is unknown yet, as many of the possible combinations are alredy taken.
      W6 has (and will have) a base in SKP and TIA, while having respectable networks in TGD and PRN. Starting Kukës would mean cannibalising some of their operations in nearby airports, but if TIA and SKP continue to offer incentives im sure Wizz wouldnt mind flying there as well.
      Im counting on Ryanair though as they are literally inexistent in this region. Its a perfect opportunity for them

    27. Nemjee18:26

      Personally, I think PRG will be more for Czech tourists visiting the area. I am sure that before Wizz launched their base they held talks with local representatives to coordinate their efforts in further promoting Albania as a tourist destination. There might be 500.000 Albanians in Greece but I believe most of them are in mainland Greece, not so much on the islands. I wouldn't be surprised if these are for Albanian holidaymakers. Will be interesting to see if they succeed in Rhodes, a destination that failed from BEG despite hundreds of thousands of Serbs going to Greece each year. Don't forget that the island has a population of some 115.000 so the Albanian community, if there is one, can't be that big. According to the Greek census of 2001 there were around 440.000 Albanians in Greece. I doubt that number has considerably grown given the world economic crisis which forced many, Greek and foreign, to leave the country. I wouldn't be surprised if the number fell to around 300.000 by now. Just look at the number of Greeks that emigrated to places like Australia, Germany, USA...

    28. Aэrologic19:37

      The airport in Kukes makes little sense, it overlaps with many areas. What would make a whole lot of sense is an airport near Sarande where most of the tourist areas are and where the only options are landing either in Greece (Ioannina) which barely has any flights or Corfu and take the expensive ferry.

      Sarande is very inaccessible by land as i wrote in my reports, taking approximately 6 hours from Tirana and 8 hours from Athens due to extremely rugged terrain.

    29. Anonymous21:24

      HER and RHO will surely create new opportunities for Albanian holidaymakers (including myself). But they will mainly rely on immigrants and seasonal workers. The fact that both are year-round is a clear indicator. I believe TIA will be the only international year round route for both airports.

      Aerologic you have a good point but Kukës is not a new airport. It was funded by shady Arabs and dates back all the way to the Kosovo war period. Its purpose was to serve Kosovo with humanitarian supplies but as you can guess it was never used. Yes it might not be the best location but why waste an already built airport?

      A new airport in Vlorë will begin its construction next year to serve the Albanian riviera, while Sarandë will be easily accessible when the new road finished construction. A new airport is planned there as well but its gonna take some years.

    30. Aэrologic21:52

      I understand.

      Still i think that area will be better served by Sarande since Vlore is very well connected to Tirana via Elbasan highway while Sarande, Gjirokaster are really a dark spot in terms of airport coverage. That would create competition for Corfu, help stem some package flights back to Albania and could possibly serve Northern Greece.

      Also, with the opening of an airport in the Sarande area the overpriced Greek ferry (25€ in season) would simply make no sense anymore.


    31. Aэrologic21:56

      Berat is also easy to reach from Tirana and the road is good all the way to Vlore.

    32. Anonymous22:02

      Kukës is really under construction and the surroundings look amazing similar to SJJ or LJU but of course looking different. Video was uploaded beginning of May apparently:


      Don't understand anything but you can see the construction works going.

    33. Anonymous22:05

      Well what can i say, you just summed it up perfectly. No doubt that Sarandë is the most logical location for an airport outside of Tirana but apparently the government has different plans. I am from a town just 20 minutes away from Sarandë and a new airport would truly be a blessing here. Even though there are plans about it and the PM just talked about it a couple of days ago, you know how things work in Balkans. But we try to stay optimistic :)

    34. Anonymous22:09

      Anon 22:02 I can assure you it will be one of the most scenic airports in the region. A very fantastic job was done to create the new navigation charts due to its difficult terrain surroundings

    35. Anonymous22:21

      Why would an airline opt to fly to Kukes and not to OHD, PRN or TIA? What's the advantage they are trying to promote? I still think they have a bad location for tourists. No matter how scenic the landscape might be it might end up like another airport with a scenic approach and a supposedly good location: Mostar.

    36. Anonymous22:22

      Anon 22.09 don't see what's so scenic about it? You are basically landing in a valley surrounded by moutains, I hope there won't be fog in winter.
      LJU, DBV, TIV... have far more scenic approaches.

    37. Anonymous22:38

      Never said its the ''most scenic'' approach in Balkans or anything, just that it will be a really nice one, not sure why you re focusing on that comment.
      Its not even supposed to serve tourists but rather as a low-cost airport for Albanians living in Europe. It has a good catchment area and a good opportunity for the likes of Ryanair to enter the local market without facing direct competition with Wizz

    38. Anonymous22:59

      It's actually good to have another airport in the area as both SKP and PRN have proven to be quite successful when it comes to traffic. If you look at the map, you will see that there are 3 important triangle airports in the region.
      Triangle 1: Kukes + PRN + SKP
      Triangle 2: PRN + SKP + INI
      Triangle 3: SKP + INI + SOF

      In most triangles, the distance between the cities is approx. 200km

      Finally, Prizren and Tetovo are bigger cities and their citizens will have a huge range of airports to use. Only Prizren has an metro. population of 200,000.

    39. Anonymous23:30

      Prizren has not had a census in a very long time so we don't know how many people live there today. Definitely less than 200.000.

    40. Anonymous00:22

      Metro population lol

      Call it a village.

    41. Anonymous00:45

      Hey... whatever makes you happy

    42. Anonymous06:57

      200 000 for Prizren is quite good. This makes it a medium large city by yugo standards. Tetovo also has a good size all enough to create a catchment area of around 2 million for Triangle 1. The region needs 1 more airport.

    43. Anonymous07:30

      Matter of fact is that neither Prizren or Tetovo have a defined population because the census is sabotaged due to political reasons. So we don't know for sure how many people live there. Prizren is especially the case because Serbs who were forced out were never allowed to return and Albanians are leaving in large numbers. I think this should be your argument for Kukes and not the local population. Wizz Air thrives where there is gasto demand and that area is flourishing in that regard. It's sad but that's the reality. Kosovo's population is rapidly declining which stimulates demand for air travel. Those people move to Germany, they get good jobs, can afford plane tickets to fly back home, they even have money to have their family visit them and voila. Passenger demand all of a sudden appears and with it Wizz Air.

      Also we can see that TIA is not only giving massive discounts to Wizz Air like 100% off charges and electricity the first year, 50% the second, but they are also giving them financial incentives to introduce some routes. HER and RHO are subsidized because the document above clearly says that charter routes should be turned into scheduled one.

      So are we going to see the argument of poor Albanian taxpayers paying for Wizz Air?

    44. Thank you for bringing out the insights. Yes, as a matter of fact it's a sad reality but not only in Kosovo but almost every country in the region. There was even a saying that 1 doctor leaves Kosovo everyday. No wonder why you have Germany with open hands. There are almost 1 million Poles in the UK and 1 million Romanians in Italy for instance. Croats are heading to Ireland it seems, etc, etc.
      As for the massive discounts, you are absolutely right but this is one of the most efficient ways to boost your economy. Yes, we all claim the taxpayers are paying but hey, it's a win-win situation:
      i) Gasto routes mean they travel quite often and most importantly send money back home and this boosts the economy
      ii) LCC routes are also very good for the tourism and the locals meaning they will spend the effort in building/refurbishing hotels, restaurants, etc. TIA and Albania is such a place.

      There are many countries worldwide that have such incentive programmes. Nothing comes for free unfortunately.

  12. Maybe wizz should start ex ussr routes from BEG?

    1. Anonymous11:46

      They can't do it without special permission

    2. Petar11:49

      They can not because of bilateral agreements.

    3. Anonymous12:32

      Can't they launch BEG LED? Time for a third A320 in belgrade.

    4. Anonymous12:33

      No they cannot. They can't launch anything outside of the EU unless its Norway, UK, Iceland or Switzerland.

    5. Anonymous12:39

      remove Switzerland from that list. the one anon above: yes LED is possible but the russian authorities seem to be making a step back from the initial plan even the announced Wizz routes are stil pending regulatory approval

  13. Anonymous11:33

    Apart from yugo capitals, they will connect OTP, IEV and LCA. It is clear that this destination is gasto and leisure for Austrians who want to visit Cyprus. Future SZG destinations might be: SKG, VAR, CLJ, TSR, KVO, LWO, SJJ.

    1. Anonymous11:45

      There is no Ukrainian diaspora in SZG

    2. Anonymous11:48

      PRN or TIA make more sense. The Albanian gasto community is constantly growing in that area

    3. Anonymous11:58

      JU flights to SZG from BEG and INI are in big trouble.

    4. Anonymous11:59

      JU does not even fly from SZG to BEG. Stop trolling.

    5. Anonymous12:21

      A quick check shows us that W6 clearly intentionally attacking its competitors. BEG-SZG is cheaper and has a better schedule and operated on the same days!

      W6 price is approx 24€ from BEG!

      12. ЈУЛ 2020
      1 ПУТНИК
      ЛЕТОВИ‎2.919 дин
      Београд – Salzburg
      18:10 – 19:35 (W6 4061)
      1 × Авионска карта ‎1.919 дин
      1 × Административна накнада ‎1.000 дин

      JU from INI is around 35€ but with a not so great schedule:

      INIНиш, аеродром Константин Велики, Србија
      JU 1608Обавља Air Serbia
      Тип превоза:Airbus A319
      Време путовања:1 hr 45 mins
      Основна цена карте:TNBINI
      SZGСалцбург, аеродром В. А. Мозарт, Аустрија

      RSD 234
      Аеродромска такса
      RSD 116
      Накнада за путнички сервис Србија
      RSD 118
      Укупна цена пута
      RSD 4.128

      Very interesting move from W6...Varadi knows what he is doing.

    6. Anonymous12:28

      Stating the obvious in this blog means that you are JU hater...

    7. Anonymous12:32

      It's got nothing to do with hate, mon ami. LCC are like this, they are like the big cats - opportunists. W6 are also attacking OS, RO, LO, FB, A3, etc, etc.

    8. Anonymous12:37

      "JU flights to SZG from BEG and INI are in big trouble."


      JU flights from INI to SZG are subsidized (really big "trouble"!) and there is no at all flight BEG-SZG operated by JU.

      Epic trolling!

    9. Anonymous12:52

      Those things can change with time and the government can always stop the water from the tap. Many people shared in the comment section that INI-BUD and INI-SZG have the lowest LF.


      Nobody wants to pay for a LF of 33%...

    10. Anonymous12:55

      JU should have launched BEG-SZG long time ago.

    11. Anonymous13:14

      @anon 12:52

      Le's comment the things that MIGHT happen (source: crystal ball) and not the actual situation.

      And the actual situation is that there are no flights BEG-SZG (which are btw in "big trouble") and if LF was not satisfactory for GoS INI-SZG would have been cancelled on the same way it was done with INI-BUD.

    12. Anonymous16:30

      I didn't hear in the news that the subsidy JU got for INI flights were reduced after they closed INI-BUD. They knew well before that this was going to happen, noone believed this as a successful route. As a result, JU put the same amount of money for less service. What a shame.

    13. Anonymous13:10

      @Anon 12:55

      Yes, that's true.
      JU had the chance to start BEG-SZG with their ATR72.

      Some points why this route should be a success:
      Salzburg has the second largest Serbian and ex-yu diaspora in Austria.
      It's said to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world and has the most important festival for classical music. (Salzburger Festspiele)
      It's a major gateway for a lot of ski resorts in Austria.
      It has a large catchment area with a metro population of more than half a million inhabitants, so not only mutual tourism would be an important factor but also the fact people going to/from SZG get another oppurtunity to transfer via BEG. (e.g. to SJJ, ZAG, TIV, SPU, DBV, SOF, TGD, etc.)

      I flew a lot of times SZG-VIE-BEG and SZG-FRA-BEG and there were almost always transfers SZG-VIE to BEG and reverso. Plenty of C-Pax (on flights to/from Salzburg) what amazed me every time.

  14. Anonymous12:03

    Why is W6 attacking JU's main markets in the Balkans?

    1. Anonymous12:05

      You know, not everything revolves around JU.

    2. Anonymous12:31

      W6 expansion doesn't seem to be against RO in OTP, OU in ZAG, YM in TGD or A3 in ATH but only against JU and its main transfer markets in our region.

    3. Anonymous12:34

      I don't think they are successful in their attacks against JU since they are booming left and right.

    4. Anonymous12:36

      Oh jeez. Yes, their only concern is to attack JU. Some of you live in the clouds and really don't understand aviation at all.

    5. Anonymous12:37

      Wizz Air flies where it sees opportunities. Gasto markets are the biggest opportunity in low yielding ex-Yu markets. Same as for JU and others.

    6. Anonymous12:42

      JU's main markets on the Balkan = OS's, OU's main markets on the Balkan

      nobody here is attacking JU as long as you're not obsessed with it

  15. Anonymous13:48

    It is pointless to discuss what JU should have done in Salzburg. We knew they had the shortage of regional aircraft and in general the fleet has been utilized to the max before covid19 especially during summer season. If they add one ATR for 3pw to SZG from BEG, they would need to expand to other destinations as well, with three to four daily rotations for that single ATR. They would need to add at least 15-21 other rotations to other destinations.

    It has been said numerous times that ATR is rather affordable plane and very efficient for short regional hops. Regional jets would not be able to match that, especially if the oil prices go up. Perhaps, the leasing rates would decrease in post-covid times and we will see an improvement in ATR structure.

    Regards, Eight.

  16. Anonymous15:38

    Another round of expansion without ZAG. Bravo Hrvatska I guess.

    If TZL can have flights why not us?

    1. Anonymous15:46

      Why is Croatia entitled to have it only because Bosnia has it?

    2. Anonymous15:52

      Don't think there are Croatian gastos in SZG. If you check the base like 95% of the routes announced are gasto.

    3. Anonymous16:51

      Because ZAG and TZL serve Slavonija which has a lot of gastos. You think there is no market for them from ZAG? I am angry at airport not Wizzairovic.

    4. Anonymous17:55

      Half os Slavonija is around Munich ...

    5. Nemjee18:28

      So maybe OSI-FMM could be tried. I mean for someone who emigrated from OSI and lives in Munich, the distance to be covered by road is not short.

  17. Anonymous16:26

    We can hope for further new routes! Wizzair is reducing it's fleet size at several bases, such as in Budapest, Debrecen, Cluj, Kiew, Temesvar, Vilnius, Skopje, Craiova, Kutaisi, Nagyszeben. Alltogether, -15 planes. Milan gets 5, Tirana 3, Larnaca 2. One new machine was flying from Tolouse to Budapest. It means, 6 machines will be replaced to other bases.

    1. Anonymous16:52

      How many planes are being taken away from SKP? I read some time ago it ws supposed to be 2?

    2. Very interesting, 16:26. It seems that the listed cities were not profitable for W6. I am definitely surprised about Kyiv, Vilnius & Budapest.
      With regards to the new bird from TLS, are you referring to W6's first A32N?


      Reg. HA-LJA

      They should be expecting HA-LJB and LBC, soon right? All of which are A32N too.

    3. Anonymous17:54

      there are no frequency cuts on SKP routes from what i can see on wizzair.com so not sure how they will do it if they really revoke a plane or two. they are getting 21 or was it 22 new planes until June next year

    4. Nemjee18:29

      I think Wizz Air is retiring around 30 older A320s whose leases are expiring.

    5. Anonymous20:37

      There were 15 machines in BUD, 13 remain. Wizz is going to reduce 1 aircraft at all other above listed bases (incl. SKP). BUD is not a surprise, there were already a lot of machines. W6 has a very good position to negotiate with airports, they always wanted to serve. In addition, after the bankruptcy of AirItaly, Milan is a good market and placing some planes to Milan seems to be a logical step. The Austrian LCC market is interesting too, as Lauda (alias Ryan) is about to close it's base there and as a result, W6 could open further routes from Vienna even though there was a huge overcapacity on the market. Let's see, what else is coming.

    6. Anonymous22:24

      BUD might be losing a plane but I am sure they are getting more seats offered as they are replacing A320s with A321s. Same has been happening to SKP over the years.

    7. Anonymous22:58

      @20.37 source?

    8. Anonymous23:24

      Internal memo.

    9. Anonymous09:51

      @22:58: source about the plane numbers: https://airportal.hu/magyar-es-lengyel-bazisokon-is-csokkenti-repulogepeinek-szamat-a-wizz-air/
      I am sorry, it is in Hungarian.

    10. Anonymous13:39

      Anon 22:24 Except that all 321s were taken away from SKP in 2019, there were five 320 based. And now even one of those will be taken away therefore it will be a 4x 320 base.

    11. Anonymous15:07

      Have they reduced any flights? I see CPH and BVA are two weekly in winter, weren't they three?

  18. Anonymous21:45

    Time for VINICI to raise prices at Belgrade airport and give better discount to Air Serbia. Air Serbia should observe Wizz numbers to Salzburg and if they look good, start their own service on same days to compete with Wizz. Just a hint to Wizz to start looking elsewhere for those opportunities ;)

    1. Anonymous21:50

      Yeah that's so smart....

    2. Anonymous00:56

      ZAG didn't lower their prices because of Covid to attract airlines like Wizz. Smart airports are doing their best to keep unwanted airlines away.

  19. Anonymous13:43

    They are not attacking anyone but remove 15 aircraft from existing bases and put them on airports willing to pay them the most (or cut the most fees) in a desperate attempt to minimize losses. They don't care how much passengers there will be as the losses will be smaller this way.


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