Air Mediterranean to expand Pristina base


Greek charter carrier Air Mediterranean, in cooperation with tour operator MyWings, will be expanding its base at Pristina Airport with three jets to be stationed in the city - one Boeing 737-400 and two B737-800s. As a result, the carrier will maintain sixteen weekly flights to Basel, ten weekly to Dusseldorf and Stuttgart, three weekly to Friedrichshafen and Paderborn and two weekly to Malmo. Tour operator Mywings said it sees itself in a strong position with its experienced partner Air Mediterranean and does not feel threatened by its competitors. “Especially in the highly competitive Basel market, which in Pristina is almost on par with Zurich in terms of passenger numbers, MyWings and its partners have a strong advantage because they have been operating regular charter flights there for so many years before anyone else and have many regular customers. Our goal is to achieve the same in Friedrichshafen. We see the same potential in Friedrichshafen as in Basel, especially since it is expected that the flights in Zurich will become more expensive due to the threat of a CO2 tax by the Swiss government of at least thirty to fifty Swiss francs. On average, we think that in a short time daily flights from Friedrichshafen will be possible, since it is a very lucrative alternative to Zurich”, MyWings said. Its CEO, Gazmend Vatovci, added, “We see the current situation more as an opportunity and not as an obstacle. We have all lost business due to the general coronavirus Covid-19 situation, but with our strong position in the market and the fact that ethnic travel will recover in the short-term, we see our glass half full”.

Currently, 25 local cabin crew members are working on the Air Mediterranean aircraft with numbers to grow to over 75 from July onwards. In cooperation with Air Mediterranean, MyWings will open a school for cabin crew training in Pristina. A technical support facility for aircraft has already been set up to enable all necessary daily and weekly checks.


  1. Anonymous13:44

    Quite untrue about it, according to their website and Plane Spotters aircraft database Air Mediterranean airline with its Lebanese owners are possessing three b737/800 with average 27.8 years aircrafts with those details: first b737/400 MSN/24643 with REG/SX-MAH, second b737 MSN/24901 with REG/SX-MAI, and third b737 MSN/28097 with REG/SX-MAM so facit quite OLD even for Kosovo, (Eurowings and Chair brand new or semi new ac's)

    1. Anonymous13:48

      Have you ever heard aircraft leasing?

    2. Anonymous19:58

      Now it is a great time for airlines to lease younger aircraft for very attractive lease prices!

  2. Anonymous13:55

    Have you heard about bloof and dreams

  3. Anonymous13:59

    Seriously how many flights to Basel do they need ?

    it looks to me like a small tour operator clan war. You dont need six daily flights to Basel ...
    and who the hell are now MyWings?

  4. Anonymous14:03

    the shady tour operators, its in albanian but you can put it into google translate

  5. Anonymous15:36

    Can you book the flights online or only in local offices of the tour operator?

  6. Anonymous15:54

    Can someone from Kosovo, or familiar with this matter, explain why do people still buy their flights from these shady, and above all, SUPER EXPENSIVE travel agencies, in times when you can book a flight on the net in less than 5 minutes??

    I'd understand this practice 10 years ago, but in 2020? Come on!

    1. Anonymous10:09

      From Kosovo here, not all people are familiar with online reservations here, and somehow even young people tend to go to travel agencies to buy a ticket rather than online, people here actually buy wizz air tickets from agencies, who double charges them for everything. They may be stuck in 2005, and travel agencies are safer in their eyes. While those shady guys are from Air Prishtina, direct competition with Eurowings, they recruit flight attendants every 3-4 months because of the horrendous conditions they offer (cleaning the airplane and no skyshop percentage among others).

    2. Anonymous10:14

      Does it mean that the mywings flights operated by Air Mediterranean are only bookable in local offices from the tour operator my wings in Prishtina?

    3. Anonymous12:16

      Yes it does, only in offices, preferably in cash :P

    4. Anonymous12:36

      It seems you can also book them on Reisebuero Pristina online. At least they also offer flights with Air Mediterranean to those destinations.

  7. Anonymous16:02

    Where is @VisitKosovo to enlighten us whats going on there? he was the most reliable and objective source :)

  8. Anonymous20:02

    THEY ARE JUST COLLECTING MONEY RIGHT KNOW SHOWING FLIGHTS FROM 17JUN on WEBKOS bogus booking system made in STONE AGE in MS DB despite Airport Pristina is closed , SO GUYS and GALS dont BUY ticket wait for flights to be allowed .......


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