Air Serbia to resume Banja Luka charters


Air Serbia plans to resume its summer charter flights from Banja Luka on July 5. The airline will operate leisure services to Antalya in Turkey, while it will restore its charter service to Athens from July 10. The Serbian carrier also plans to reinstate summer charters from its main base in Belgrade to multiple points in Greece and Turkey during July.


  1. Anonymous14:42

    Nice news for BNX! This winter will also be quite busy with the arrival of FR.

    1. Anonymous14:48

      This winter like summer will be a disaster - everywhere.

    2. 14:48 I love your pessimism, and when it’s the opposite you find something else for bad comments

    3. Sve ovo je smesno dok eu ne odluci da normalno pusti u zemlje nas iz ex yu i tzv 3ih zemalja... ako nas ne puste do 15 jula, nece nikad

    4. Anonymous17:32

      Zar nisu doneli odluku da to bude od 1.7.?

    5. Anonymous18:13

      Све зависи од државе до државе, оне саме одлучују. ЕУ само даје препоруку шта би требало радити. Ето Грчка, Мађарска, Бугарска... без проблема пуштају Србе да уђу што је и крајње нормално. Морамо рушити границе и баријере, не да их подижемо!

  2. Anonymous18:05

    What will happen with 737 fleet, those birds are stored for 3 months now, are JU is planning to bring them in air, or they will use this season for charters A319.

  3. Anonymous18:14

    Guys, these flights will happen, for sure. Greek income from tourism plummeted from €455 million to just €7 million. They will do anything and everything to bring as many people as possible.


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