Belgrade, Niš airports to get Covid-19 testing sites


Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport and Niš Constantine the Great Airport will get walk-in testing points for the coronavirus Covid-19 with the aim of assisting the country prevent, detect and respond to the pandemic. The World Bank will support the project entitled Serbia Emergency Covid-19 Response with a 100 million US dollar loan which will also include the set-up of ten drive-through testing points at the country’s busiest border crossings and two regional laboratories. As a result, Serbia’s testing capacity will be lifted from the current 7.000 tests per day to 9.000. Serbia abolished all entry requirements for both local and foreign nationals on May 21.


  1. Anonymous11:25

    Great news.

  2. Anonymous17:37

    Anyone know when this will become operational at BEG and INI - will it be free of charge? Or will the airport authorities operate on a 'random' basis as they're planning to do at the Greek airports for arriving passengers?

  3. Anonymous20:54

    So why test at the airport if they abolished all of those entry requirements?

    1. Anonymous20:55

      The idea isn't to test everyone coming.

    2. Anonymous11:28

      Because it raises the testing capacity of the country at entry points. Because having this facilities raises the functionality and standards of the airports, because you never know if there will be pandemics in the future and there will be for sure and precisely because they have abolished the entry requirements. They have the capacity for random testing at will or if necessary without inconvenience for all the passengers.

  4. Anonymous07:16

    This makes sense, traffic is being rebuilt already. For example today JU returns to SJJ while tomorrow there are going to be 15 flights, one being a FZ charter. However from tomorrow we get LX, BNX, CDG and AMS. JU will have a decent morning wave out of BEG, in the afternoon there will be only FRA.


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