Croatia Airlines, Aegean to run Ljubljana charters


Croatia Airlines and Aegean Airlines will maintain summer charters between Ljubljana and the Greek islands. Croatia Airlines will operate from the Slovenian capital to Lemnos once per week starting July 11, while Aegean Airlines will fly once per week from Ljubljana to Corfu, Lefkada (Aktion Airport), Rhodes and Karpathos from July 11 and July 13. Croatian carrier Trade Air is also expected to operate summer charters to Greece and Dubrovnik.


  1. Anonymous12:48

    no Crete, Kos, Kefalonia, Zakintos, Samos, Santorini, Skiatos...will those be operated by Trade air or will they be oprated this year at all?

    1. Anonymous13:03

      You should check with tour operators - these are their flights.

  2. Anonymous14:51

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  3. Anonymous17:05

    Star Alliance airlines OU and A3 for Fraport LJU. Keep as much as possible in the Family.


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