Croatia Airlines expands operations in July


Croatia Airlines will be restoring additional routes and increasing frequencies on existing services up until mid-July as it continues to rebuild its network. The Croatian carrier has outlined plans to reinstate international flights from Dubrovnik, as well as expand its operations out of Zagreb and Split. This will include the reintroduction of flights from the Croatian capital to Paris and Brač, as well as from Split to Osijek, Vienna, Lyon, Paris, Copenhagen and London next month. The full list of service resumptions can be viewed below.

May 11 - July 12 operations (correct as of June 23)

Departing Zagreb

DestinationResumption date
Dubrovnik, SplitMay 11
AmsterdamMay 25
CopenhagenJune 1
ZurichJune 8
Pula, ZadarJune 8
Munich, Sarajevo, London, Rome, Brussels June 15
Dublin  June 16
Vienna June 18
ParisJuly 03
BračJuly 07

Departing Split

DestinationResumption date
RomeJune 15
FrankfurtJune 24
Munich. ZurichJune 26
Dusseldorf, BerlinJune 27
OsijekJuly 03
Vienna, Lyon, Paris, Copenhagen, LondonJuly 11

Departing Dubrovnik

DestinationResumption date
FrankfurtJune 29
OsijekJuly 09
Dusseldorf, ZurichJuly 12


  1. Anonymous10:43

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  2. Anonymous13:27

    So BWK will be receiving flights in the end, yeaaah!
    Lets see how it look like after the expansions are over. A truly undiscovered Croatian airport.

    1. Anonymous20:31

      BWK will continue to sleep as long as politicians and tourism managers dont see the need for a ferry from Bol to Hvar!

    2. Anonymous10:32

      It's astonishing that those islands are not better connected with catamarans for daily trips between them!


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