Croatia Airlines to launch Brač charters


Croatia Airlines will launch a one weekly seasonal charter service from Brač to Linz via Graz to bring Austrian tourists to the island. Services will be run on behalf of the Austrian tour operator Gruber Reisen, starting this Saturday, June 27, until early October. Croatia Airlines will resume its scheduled service between Zagreb and Brač on July 7, with two weekly rotations planned, each Tuesday and Saturday.


  1. Anonymous11:16

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  2. Anonymous14:36

    Great news for BWK! What's more is that flights will operate until October which is also great!
    Following Croatia's EU membership, the traffic increased 3 times and was over 30,000 in 2018.
    After the expansion, this figure can climb up to 150,000.

  3. Anonymous20:31

    A bookable seasonal flight between BWK and VIE, or even BTS would be welcome.

    1. Anonymous21:32

      Usually Czech Airlines is flying VIE-BWK from April to October 1pw with AT7 - but can only be booked with a tour operator in a package with a hotel and transfers on Brač.

    2. Anonymous21:42

      Yes I know, CSA flying VIE-BWK is great, just that it would by nice to book only the flight. I feel like OU or even OS could give a direct connection a shot, in summer its always a full OS A321 and OU Q400 to SPU, never seen an empty seat on these flights. Also quite a pitty that nobody flies BTS-SPU. Brač is quite popular in central Europe, a scheduled summer connection to Prague, Ostrava, Krakow, Košice or Bratislava would very much make sense, BTS-SPU used to be full all the time.

    3. Anonymous22:17

      BTS is mainly operated only by Wizz and Ryan and SPU is not giving any discount to ultra low cost carriers so these carriers are flying to SPU only on couple of routes.

    4. Anonymous07:53

      I flew myself BTS - SPU w SkyEurope just days before they declared bankruptcy.

      VIE-SPU and VIE-DBV are always full on OS and they charge like almost 400 EUR P2P in summer high season, no wonder the planes are packed w transfers from all over the world, but especially Canadians, US guests and Scandinavians. But P2P is a horror. Nevertheless OU VIE-SPU directly is always like 50-70% full on the Dash, huge difference to OS.

      In a nutshell, my point is that a LCC VIE-SPU and to BWK is absolutely needed and would definitely work. But it is also clear that both HR airports are high fee airports and they will have to offer some discounts for these flights to start.

  4. Nice news, does anyone know if Brac paid any type of compensation to the Austrian tour operator?

    1. Anonymous21:03

      Why would Brac (airport you meant?) pay compensation to the TO? The TO most likely orders charters from an airline. So if there was a cx fee to be paid, then the TO would have had to pay it.


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