LOT to resume more EX-YU routes


LOT Polish Airlines is preparing to restore flights from Warsaw to Podgorica, Zagreb, Ljubljana and Belgrade next month after announcing plans to launch sixteen new routes to the region and its return to Skopje this Friday. The carrier plans to reinstate operations between the Polish and Montenegrin capitals this Saturday with four weekly flights. It will be followed by the resumption of operations to Zagreb, Ljubljana and Belgrade on July 16, which will also run four times per week. Frequencies to all cities will be gradually increased in late July and early August. Operation to Belgrade will depend on current regulations in Poland and administrative decisions. Furthermore, the Polish carrier has delayed the launch of its new daily service between Budapest and Belgrade until September 1. LOT hopes to operate seventy out of its 98 destinations planned for 2020 by the end of August.


  1. Anonymous10:33

    Makes sense, we need more competition guys.

  2. Anonymous11:51

    I still think that the BEG-BUD route is likely to resume even though they say 01.09. They have previously postponed it even before Corona. It seems that BUD is not a destination working in Serbia. INI was the best example.
    The OW ticket is currently selling at 45€......

    1. Anonymous11:56

      They postponed ALL routes from Budapest before corona because they moved the date of the basing of their Embraer there.

    2. Anonymous11:57

      Also except seasonal BUD-Varna and BUD-Dubrovnik all of LOT's flights from Budapest have been moved for September, these includes long haul.

  3. Anonymous17:34

    Did anyone see any news on when LOT will resume flights to Canada ?

    1. Anonymous15:09

      Canada has just extended its border ban by another month until July 31, 2020

  4. *A Flyer17:53

    Folks, if you really care about your money, please stay away from LOT. If you truly want to purchase any of their tickets, make sure you pay with a credit card which offers and guarantees you a chargeback because you may never see a refund. Hundreds of their flights booked and purchased 2 weeks ago have already been cancelled and people cannot reach them out for a rebooking or a refund. Just check their fb profile. It looks like LOT has a huge liquidity problem. Don't credit them.


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