Montenegro reopens airports


Montenegro’s two international airports - Podgorica and TIvat - have reopened for commercial traffic. There are currently no flights from the two, with Montenegro Airlines still grounded. The first commercial flights have been announced for next Monday, June 8, by Air Serbia from Belgrade, followed by Wizz Air on June 9 from Memmingen and Budapest. However, these are subject to change. Montenegro closed its two airports on March 16 to stem the flow of the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic.


  1. Anonymous19:53

    Wtf is the demand from Budapest to anywhere in region?

    1. Anonymous19:56

      Enough that they upgraded flights from A320 to A321 on all ex-Yu destinations from BUD. Increased frequencies on some as well.

    2. Nemjee06:36

      BUD is forecast to lose some 7 million passengers this year so I doubt demand is booming. I suppose they are moving some A320 to their new bases in Milan, Tirana and Larnaca so regional destinations (which are subsidized) will get the A321.

    3. Anonymous07:24

      They haven't upgraded them now, they were upgraded before. I was saying that there was obviously sufficient demand despite his surprise.

  2. Anonymous20:21

    Will they start finally? Montenegro-Serbia flights?

  3. Anonymous23:52

    Not likely until the middle or end of June ...

  4. Anonymous09:40

    Still waiting for Montenegro to open borders for Serbian citizens, I highly doubt Air Serbia will resume flights before that happens.


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