Air Serbia launches mobile app


Air Serbia has launched its first mobile application, which is currently in the first phase of development and available for download through the Google Play Store. Functionalities include check-in, passport scan, boarding pass download, as well as storage in the Wallet app, registration via e-mail, Facebook and Google, direct messaging with the airline and the safe storage of travel documents. The new Air Serbia mobile application enables passengers to, safely and without physical contact, book a flight to their desired destination within a few minutes. In this initial version, seats will be assigned randomly. Passengers have the possibility to book their seat via the carrier's website in the My Reservation Tab, before initiating the check-in process. Air Serbia’s General Manager for Commercial and Strategy, Jiri Marek, said, “During the dynamic changes of customer preferences towards contactless retailing, we are happy that our team managed to boost the development of this important step of digitalisation of Air Serbia’s customer journey, which will significantly improve the overall passenger experience. We are implementing an agile approach of gradually adding functionalities in development of our mobile application, which allows us to respond to users’ feedback, as an essential part of our customer-centric approach”.

It is expected for the iOS version of the app to become available through the iOS App Store shortly. In the later stages of development, passengers will be able to use the application to search for flights, book and buy tickets, get additional services, as well as flight status information.


  1. Anonymous14:27

    God forbid that they launch Android and iOS versions at the same time.

    1. Anonymous15:13

      God forbid they release a feature native app.

    2. Anonymous15:14


    3. Anonymous16:04

      iOS isn't really that important.

    4. Anonymous16:32

      iOS app is at least important as Android app. Looking forward for the iOS app. Hopefully it will be available asap.

    5. Anonymous19:59

      How many people in Serbia and region use android and how many use those iOS phones?! I think it says a lot about importance. I believe that they target local market with the app and that is clever.

    6. Anonymous22:11

      @16:04 Yeah, it's so unimportant that not a single company launches an Android app before one for iOS

    7. Anonymous23:20

      Both versions of the app have been made already and sent to both stores, the issue is that the two have very different approval methods where google values speed and apple values thorough security checks.
      Even when you upload your apps on the same day Google generally approves apps quite quickly while Apple takes it’s time.
      So no blame on Airserbia here, if you want to point fingers point at the Silicone Valley bureaucracy

    8. Anonymous08:21

      Even though it takes more time for Apple to review apps they could release it on the same day.

      And for the concern of market share, it is true that Android has way more users in our region. On the other hand if someone has 500-1000eur for iPhone it is more likely that those people will have more money for travelling than someone who has Android phone worth 100eur.

      So to conclude, both apps are important and I'm truly happy that AS started to develop it.

    9. Hardly anyone use apple garbage anymore. Priority is what most of us use and what makes sense , android .

  2. Anonymous16:54

    Current quiet time is the right time to launch app that is barely more than just an MVP and then grow it from here. It should be ready for prime time in a year or so.

  3. Anonymous16:56

    I hope they will sort out the issue with mobile boarding pass as well. They used to be okay and suddenly, everything is written all over the place, unusable on most occasions.
    Rgds, E.

  4. Anonymous12:09

    You can't book a flight via the app?? Wow! That's not very good, isn't it?

    1. Anonymous00:32

      Booking was available and optimised for smartphone and tablet browsers for years. It's also coming to app mate.

    2. Anonymous01:20

      You can't just launch an app without the possibility to book a flight. No wonder the app scored 3 out of 5 in its ranking. JU must read this.


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