Air Serbia reduces carbon emissions


Air Serbia has reduced its carbon dioxide emissions by almost 3.000 tonnes over the past twelve months as the airline adopts more environmentally friendly policies. The carrier’s CEO, Duncan Naysmith, said, “Sustainability, the protection of natural resources and care for the broader community, as well as the safety and well-being of our passengers and employees, are firmly embedded in the DNA of Air Serbia’s operations, We are focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving our environmental impact. And we deliver on this through improvements to our operations, through the introduction of recycling initiatives, engaging our employees, cooperating with government institutions, optimising pilot procedures, modifying ground preparations for flights, streaming maintenance procedures and reducing the weight of aircraft and everything we place on board aircraft. We monitor and measure the results achieved, and we always strive to do more, because even the slightest improvement makes a difference”. Air Serbia and French company OpenAirlines recently announced they would work together to reduce the carrier’s carbon footprint and improve fuel efficiency. Furthermore, the airline’s monthly in-flight magazine “Elevate”, which is again in publication following the resumption of commercial flights, is now being printed on a different, more environmentally friendly, type of paper, which will help reduce carbon dioxide emissions by fourteen tonnes annually. The carrier has also launched dedicated section on its website related to the environment.


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    Its difficult to produce carbon when you dont fly...


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