Croatia Airlines to operate China flight


Croatia Airlines will operate a one-off charter service from Zagreb to Tianjin in China this Friday. According to the “Avioradar” portal, the service will carry 117 Chinese students back to their home country, while there will be 74 passengers on the return service, mostly comprising of members of the diplomatic corps. The flights will run with the Airbus A320 aircraft via Nursultan in Kazakhstan. Last week, Air Serbia also operated a service from Tianjin to bring back 95 students to Belgrade who had completed their studies in China.


  1. Anonymous11:28

    How many China flights did JU have

    1. Jatovac11:35

      30+ flights plus it had some South Korea flights(this is all it flew in Asia, but it flew to USA)

  2. Anonymous14:54

    So weird that there are so many students from China in Croatia.

    1. Alexis16:31

      considering that there are well over 70.000 students just at University of Zagreb, I probably wouldn't call 117 students from China "so many"


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