Kuwait Airways restores Sarajevo launch plans


Kuwait Airways has restored plans to launch a new seasonal service between Kuwait City and Sarajevo this summer season. The airline, which will resume commercial operations this coming weekend, plans to run two weekly services from the Kuwaiti capital to Sarajevo starting August 14, each Monday and Friday. The flights, originally planned to operate three times per week, will be maintained until September 14. The service is primarily aimed at Kuwaiti tourists visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina. Kuwait itself has today moved into the third phase of its reopening with a reduction in curfew hours, the resumption of taxi services and the reopening of hotels and resorts. Kuwait's Civil Aviation Authority has launched an app for travellers entering and leaving the country. The Kuwaitmosafer app will help travellers to comply with health screening requirements and regulations, book a time slot at check-in counters and arrange protective equipment needed for their flight. All passengers will have to download the app, available in Arabic and English, and enter their flight details to book an appointment for a coronavirus test. Kuwait Airways is resuming only a handful of destinations next month. In addition to Sarajevo, services will be maintained to Amman, Bahrain, Baku, Beirut, Bodrum, Cairo, Chennai, Delhi, Doha, Dubai, Geneva, Istanbul, Kochi, Lahore, London, Mumbai, Munich and Trabzon.

Further flight details for the new Kuwait City - Sarajevo service can be viewed here.


  1. Anonymous13:43

    Bravo Bosna!

  2. Anonymous18:15

    Good luck with that ...

  3. Will the Kuwaiti citizens need a negative Covid test before entering Bosnia?

    1. Marko10:17

      Yes, Everyone entering BiH must have a negative COVID-19 test


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