Windrose delays Ljubljana, cancels Zagreb


Ukraine’s Windrose Airlines has delayed the launch of its Kiev - Ljubljana service. The carrier now plans to commence two weekly operations between the two capital cities on September 6. Further changes remain possible. In addition, the carrier has cancelled its plans to commence operations to Zagreb this year. Windrose originally planned to launch the service this summer but later moved it for the 2020/2021 winter season. The flights have now been completely cancelled.


  1. Anonymous13:35

    So many airlines seem to have cancelled ZAG both before and after corona. Is this the complete list?

    1. EW DUS
    2. EW TXL
    3. OK PRG
    4. AC YYZ
    5. TR YYZ
    6. EK DXB
    7. IB MAD
    8. OU OSL
    9. OU HEL

    SU and FZ remain an uncertainty

    1. Anonymous13:38

      A friend of mine is flying to VIE on OS today and the lady at the check in said that there is around 20 passengers on the Q400. She said the flight is still not closed so it might change. Though I don't know who would buy a ticket now so close to the departure.

      Demand is not there yet.

  2. Anonymous14:32

    It means Zagreb is hopeless, while there's still some hope for LJU.

    1. Anonymous14:33

      There are two factors that work in LJU's favor:

      1. higher salaries and standard of living
      2. Slovenes travel a lot

    2. Anonymous14:57

      True just look at SU in LJU

    3. Anonymous16:49

      Ukrainians love the Slovenian thermal centers and the mountains there.
      Probably Slovenia don't like foreign tourist this year: they just promote domestic travel: free Eu vouchers.
      Slovenians are not that much interested in Ukraine for them to pay 250eu or more for a round ticket to Kiev is already a lot. I never get it why they are so obsessed with cheap tickets aka Wizzair etc..
      Croatia is not considered safe buy the Ukrainians, that's on the mid term but right now Croatia is asking a 14 days quarantine for arrivals from Ukraine too.
      It's logic that this can't work.

      Slovenians and also Croatians don't have any limitation on entries to Ukraine (situation as it it is today).

    4. Anonymous18:51

      As if Ukraine doesn't have thermal centers and mountains on its own ��

    5. Anonymous18:52

      What thermal centers when the country is a war zone that was destroyed by fighting and perpetual poverty and corruption.

    6. Anonymous21:21

      ZAG is maybe cannceled but they added new 1 pw ERJ 145 route to DBV + they upgraded SPU and PUY routes from 2 pw to 3 pw with A321. Also, UIA added charter flights to SPU every Saturday with 737-800. So actually there is more demand between Ukraine and Croatia this year.

    7. Anonymous07:45

      Let's hope that those flights end up being successful. If they do then it will be ZAG's fault for not being able to sustain any flights other than to hubs. It seems like the airport is definitely going into that direction. Who flies to ZAG from a non-hub?

  3. Anonymous16:42

    It's all Slovenia fault!
    Just don't cry next time.

    Ukraine is not on the green list for arrivals from Ukraine.
    Cases of corona per 100.000 in the last 2 weeks are 29,92 for Croatia and "only" 20 for Ukraine.

    Just a comparison:
    Lithuania has a coherent policy regarding corona virus numbers and other factors: following the same policy for every single country.
    Slovenia is not following and real policy.

    Croatia is on the red list for Lithuania. You need a 14 days quarantine if you are arriving from Croatia -only for residents and citizens of Lithuania-. Arrivals of foreigners from Croatia to Lithuania are forbidden (even with quarantine).
    Meanwhile Lithuania opened for arrivals from Ukraine and quarantine for everyone coming from Ukraine is just suggested.

    It's a wrong policy taken by Slovenia politics because there is interest from the Ukrainian side for such connection but who will buy tickets when you need 2 weeks of quarantine and tests even for a vacation.

    Other Eu countries have already direct flights from Ukraine: Germany and many others including Bulgaria (Bulgaria even with no limitations for arrivals from Ukraine; no quarantine, nothing).

  4. Anonymous16:52


    Slovenia is not putting on the green list arrivals from Ukraine.


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