Air Serbia resumes Egypt charters


Air Serbia operated its first charter flight of the summer season to Hurghada in Egypt, marking its first service to the country since resuming commercial flights in May. “The national airline is working hard on normalising charter flights, and so far, sixteen flights to Hurghada and one flight to Sharm el Sheikh have been scheduled until the end of this summer season, while additional services to Hurghada are expected to be organised”, the company said in a statement. Air Serbia’s Head of Trade and Corporate Sales, Boško Rupić, noted, “We are pleased with the increasing number of charter flights scheduled, as well as the fact that demand is growing even during a period of restricted travel due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. In addition to charter flights to our passengers’ favourite destinations on the Red Sea, we also recently restored charter flights to the Turkish resorts Antalya and Bodrum, which is an additional confirmation of the good cooperation we have with our travel partners. We are focused on arranging more charter flights, with the aim of ensuring safe travel and a vacation without restrictions for our passengers”. Last month, Air Cairo resumed its scheduled year-round service between Hurghada and Belgrade. There are no restrictions or requirements for entering Egypt, while the Egyptian government is waiving visa fees.


  1. Anonymous10:32

    Great news, charters were always important for JU.

  2. Jatovac11:09

    I bet the LF on JU, but also SM flights is ok. Anybody has informations?

    1. Anonymous12:05

      There was an article in some newspaper that almost all whose holidays was cancelled in Greece, Montenegro, Croatia...are switching to Turkey and Egypt at no extra cost. I'm sure flights are full.

    2. Jatovac17:10

      thank you. Great for SM and JU.

    3. Anonymous17:27

      I am currently in Hurgada and my flight on 29.7. was completely full. I'll be writing a trip report when i come back.

    4. Anonymous19:28

      That's fantastic, please take a lot of pictures for the report :)

  3. Anonymous21:36

    On some days there are going to be six flights all ten minutes apart. Lol


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