Belgrade Airport installs PPE vending machines


Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport has installed vending machines selling personal protective equipment in face of the coronavirus pandemic. Passengers travelling to and from the airport can now buy disposable face masks for 100 dinars (85 eurocents), KN95-type masks for 200 dinars (1.70 euros) and hand sanitiser spray with 70% alcohol for 300 dinars (2.55 euros). An increasing number of airports across the world are installing PPE vending machines, with face masks mandatory on most airlines and at airports across the world.


  1. Anonymous13:32

    100 Dinars for a mask? You can buy it in a pharmacy for just 30

    1. Anonymous13:34

      Not true, many places sell face masks for 50 or even 100 dinars. Since everything is more expensive at airports, I think the price of RSD 100 is fair.

    2. Anonymous13:35

      What do you expect? It's an airport. Until a month and a half ago masks were also 90rsd at the pharmacy until local production of masks started and prices were brought down.

    3. Anonymous13:53

      Srbotrade sells them for 30. This is pure profiteering by the French

    4. Anonymous14:20

      Then bring your 30rsd mask with you and you'll be king of the airport ;)

    5. Anonymous14:33

      People will complain about literally anything, good or bad thing.

    6. Anonymous14:47

      "Surgical" masks were 120 at pharmacies during the shortage (before the local production began). It's an airport (I would actually complain about prices of bottled water before anything else) + that vending machine actually costs money and needs to pay off. True, people will find anything to complain about.

  2. Anonymous13:51

    100 dinars is very inexpensive. The cost to rent a luggage cart at some airports is 5 euros


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