Croatia Airlines scraps Split - Belgrade service for 2020


Croatia Airlines has shelved plans to resume seasonal operations between Split and Belgrade this summer season. The carrier maintained two weekly operations between the two cities last year, down from three in 2018. Air Serbia currently runs four weekly flights to Split.


  1. Anonymous15:25


    That's not surprising.

  2. Anonymous15:26

    With JU deploying the A319 to SPU this year, there was really no room for them.

    1. Anonymous16:54

      Maybe they won't even return to BEG in 2021

  3. Anonymous18:31

    One less prestige legacy carrier from EU at Belgrade Airport. How will BEG survive this?

    1. Jatovac18:54

      He will survive this, but the numbers will be sad. And the thing that is the sadest is that those BEG sad numbers will be the greatest in EX-YU, as Alen (and I think he is right) sad

    2. Anonymous19:04

      This means that JU will have even better loads to SPU!

      Paging YU-APH!

    3. Anonymous21:41

      JU changed its timetable for SPU couple of times. From 6 to 2, and now is 4. Even some flights were cancelled because of low demand. So nothing weird for OU to cancel this route or for JU to reduce it. I hope JU will make it work 4 weakly flights to the end of the season. They are really offering some connectivity to Split.

    4. Anonymous08:37

      If they reduced it to 2 only to increase it to 4 then it means their expectations were exceeded on the route. This is indeed great news because JU does offer many connections from SPU that are not offered from ZAG. Also from what I've seen, DBV has been getting the ATR while SPU has been almost exclusively on the A319. Ugh imagine how this route would perform if there was no corona.

      Unfortunately this is something OU needs to be asking itself. why is JU taking away passengers from its backyard.

  4. Anonymous03:26

    Finally a reason for OU to cancel that route ..

  5. Anonymous12:15

    Yes, JU fanboys, sure, you guys just make me laugh.

    Main differences (for some reason probably unknown to you) are that JU has feed at BEG and JU gets unlimited gvnm support if needed as EU rules do not apply to them so they can fly this route no matter if it is loss making.


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