easyJet brings forward Luton - Ljubljana launch


easyJet A320 jet at Ljubljana Airport

easyJet has rescheduled its planned new service between London Luton and Ljubljana, with flights to commence at the start of the 2020/2021 winter season instead of May 2021, as initially planned. It comes as easyJet discontinues its Stansted - Ljubljana route as a result of its base closure. Services between Luton and the Slovenian capital will now commence on October 28 and run between two and three times per week, depending on the month, increasing to four from March. The route was initially to launch this summer season but was postponed by a year due to the coronavirus pandemic. Further flight details can be found here.


  1. Anonymous10:53

    if it won't be postponed again...

  2. Anonymous11:33

    and they recommence to Gatwick at the start of September. Which is great for LJU as they need the link to London re-established. At present the only way Brits can fly back to the UK from LJU without having to quarantine is via Frankfurt (or Warsaw but flights are scarce)

    1. Yes They did but they also canceled all flites right after

  3. Good news if it sticks. Had more than 20 flights cancelled over this period between BA and easyJet. LHR FRA LJU has been the only viable routing, but the connection is tight given the change of terminal in FRA on the inbound legs (no problem on the outbound).
    For those of us that *must* travel and don't want to risk last minute border control changes from Austria or Croatia for non-Slovenian residents, flying into LJU is the only option. The more options there are.. the better.


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