Finnish minister urges Skopje flight suspension


Wizz Air A320 aircraft

The Finnish Minister for Transport and Communications, Timo Harakka, has said he is hopeful that services between Skopje and Turku will be temporarily suspended by the end of the month after a number of imported coronavirus cases have been traced to the Wizz Air flights. The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency (Traficom) is currently considering the option of temporarily discontinuing the service. Flights between Skopje and Turku have been linked to sixty coronavirus infections detected in the Finnish city. A total of 26 infections were registered in passengers arriving on August 8, five in passengers arriving on August 11 and twelve in travellers arriving on August 15. Data for August 22 is still being analysed. The Mayor of Turku, Minna Arve, has come to an agreement with airport operator Finavia and Wizz Air on reducing frequencies on the route and requiring all passengers to test negative for the virus before boarding the aircraft bound for Turku. The airline now maintains one instead of two weekly flights. “Thanks to Wizz Air for making the responsible decision”, she said.


  1. Anonymous11:35

    Very risky of Wizz Air to be singled out as an importer of covid cases to Finland. They need to react quickly and positively or they'll be made into a scapegoat for infections all over Europe, last thing they need considering their ambitious expansion plans.

    1. Anonymous11:57

      you reading too much exyuaviation

  2. Anonymous11:36

    Well I am sorry mr minister in a government run by a child (Finnish PM is basically a kid) but this route is vital for many families which depend on these people going there to work. Seriously some people are so selfish and disillusioned.

    1. Anonymous11:59

      always easy to blame the East Europeans ...

      its their only non-eu east flight i guess

    2. Anonymous12:00

      LOL. If they are working there, they should live and stay there, instead of spreading the virus across the continent. Majority of us are not seeing our parents/relatives for more than 6 months now. I am sure this Kosovars will survive as well. They can send the money tho via legal channels instead of carrying it in cash every weekend.

    3. it gets clicks12:01

      2 cases on Saturday

      170 were booked on the Saturday flight but not even close as many showed up

    4. Um, he is 57?

    5. Anonymous12:18

      Finnish Prime.Minister is 34

  3. Viktor13:28

    MK government needs to be very careful and smart and to toughen the rules for passengers who are currently entering and transiting from Kosovo.
    I know this will affect numbers but is only a short term loss.

    Alternatively, if infections continue on the flights, other destinations will suspend flights from SKP and we'll all suffer in a long term.

  4. Anonymous19:27

    This route is quite notorious. They'd rather just suspend it and open a new route to a German village instead.
    It's bringing nothing but not good reputation.

    1. Anonymous20:32

      hah the notorious SKP hater strikes again. Dude you never give up!
      not tired to remind you: Its one of the most successful routes of the bunch launched last August. Duh!

    2. Anonymous20:38

      There are so many other destinations in the world!! Take TLV, LIS, LGW, CTA, HRG... forget about Finland, please. Just because once upon a time, there was a good LF in August doesn't make it the "most successful routes of all times."

    3. Anonymous22:40

      Do you just say that because exyuaviation is posting every day about it? Don't you know how many flocks of Kosovars are flying every day back and forth to Germany and Switzerland with Wizz and the Reisenburo mafia charters?

    4. Anonymous00:00

      @20.38 what a troll. BEG-Turku would have never been launched without the success of SKP-Turku

    5. Anonymous07:06

      Anon 00.00 do you have a source to back this claim? By that logic SKP flights would never have been launching without their success in BEG. ;) Please take your bromazepam and come back to reality.

    6. Diazepam09:25

      1.without the success of the first based aircraft in BEG there would have not been a SKP base
      2.without the success of the SKP base there would have been no Wizz flights to OHD, PRN, and INI
      3.without the success of SKP-Turku there would have never been BEG-Turku in the same way as SKP will never get LIS flights if these dont prove successful at BEG (fingers crossed).

      its beyond funny how some anonymous troll is telling an airline who transported 38.9 milions of passengers in 2019 and had a LF of 94% (!) where to fly and not. Hillarious! (and also bit stupid)

      all routes to SKP had a LF >90% pre Corona

    7. Anonymous11:05

      All flights? Is this why W6 reduced the fleet by 1 aircraft and no switched mainly to A320?

    8. Anonymous11:24

      yes all routes.

    9. Anonymous12:20

      I actually don't think so. There is a drop in the demand long before Corona.

    10. Anonymous21:24



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