Ryanair resumes Serbia and Bosnia flights


Low cost carrier Ryanair has resumed partial operations from Niš in Serbia and Banja Luka in Bosnia and Herzegovina over the weekend following a four-month hiatus resulting from the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic. The carrier has restored flights from Berlin to Niš, with Malta to follow in mid-August. The carrier will resume services from Milan and Bratislava at the start of the 2020/2021 winter season in late October. Europe’s largest airline has also returned to Banja Luka with flights from Charleroi and Memmingen. Services from Berlin and Hahn will return in late October when the carrier will also launch its new flights from Bergamo, while its subsidiary Lauda will inaugurate operations from Vienna.

Commenting on Ryanair’s return, the head of Niš Airport, Dušan Knežević, said, “We are delighted by Ryanair’s return to Niš because it grows our portfolio of destinations. We expect for all pre-pandemic routes operated by Ryanair to be restored and for new ones to launch”. Banja Luka Airport’s General Manager, Milan Račić, noted, “Ryanair’s service resumption is good news for the airport, which is ready to handle passengers in line with all health recommendations prescribed against Covid-19”.

Ryanair has launched a flash sale with cheap tickets to both Niš and Banja Luka available until Wednesday, August 5. Last month, Ryanair resumed operations to Croatia and Montenegro.


Banja Luka


  1. Anonymous14:08

    Welcome back Mr Ryanair! You were missed.

  2. Anonymous00:41

    I hope Ryanair will start with new flights from Banja Luka, Sweden, London, Paris.

  3. Is there any chance to get ryan in belgrade


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