Slovakia to lift Serbia, Macedonia flight ban


Slovakia will lift a ban on commercial flights from Serbia and Macedonia on September 7, enabling flights from Skopje and Niš to resume. However, Wizz Air does not intend on restoring operations between the Macedonian capital and Bratislava until September 30, while Rynair plans to reintroduce services from Niš to Slovakia on October 26. Flights from both Serbia and Macedonia to Bratislava have been suspended since March.


  1. Anonymous10:46

    Meanwhile they introduced a ban for Croatia. One really can't keep up

    1. Anonymous10:48

      No they didn't. They introduced quarantine for incoming passengers from Croatia. Two different things.

    2. Anonymous10:56

      True but luckily there are no flights to be banned though I wish FR flew BTS ZAG

  2. Anonymous12:38

    over 90% of these are heading for Austria anyway.


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