Adria Airways’ AOC validity extended


The Slovenian Civil Aviation Agency has extended the validity of Adria Airways’ suspended Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC) in order to give its holder Air Adriatic, which is owned by businessman Izet Rastoder, more time to fulfill certain obligations set out by the regulator, among which is the possession of operational aircraft. Air Adriatic acquired Adria’s AOC for 45.000 euros in January. The AOC is currently suspended until September 30, 2020 and was to be terminated afterwards if a number of obligations were not addressed. Among them is the amendment of any discrepancies that arose following the revocation of Adria’s AOC and the launch of bankruptcy procedures. Air Adriatic will now have until March 31, 2021 to meet all obligations in order to use Adria’s AOC. Furthermore, it is believed Mr Rastoder’s company may purchase Adria Airways’ brand name. Binding bids for the Adria brand must be submitted by tomorrow.


  1. Just buying time....

  2. Anonymous11:19

    No luck selling it then?

  3. Anonymous11:28

    Will this ever end?

  4. Anonymous12:09

    IATA code: JP
    ICAO code: ADR
    Callsign: BANANA

  5. Anonymous13:11

    AOC cannot be valid without Operating License and without effective Management System, perosnnel and facilities, Accountable Manager, Nominated persons, etc... By what means of compliance SI.CAA believes this AOC is valid?


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