Adria Airways’ artwork collection on sale


Over 120 works of art owned by the former Slovenian flag carrier Adria Airways have been put on sale as part of its bankruptcy procedure in a bid to raise funds to cover over 87 million euros in claims being sought from the failed airline. The items, which have been divided into several sets, include paintings, photographs and sculptures. The artworks can be purchased as an entire set or individually. The starting price for all four sets is 65.781 euros. Binding bids must be submitted by October 26. Bidders will be informed of the outcome within fifteen days of the bid deadline. Adria’s bankruptcy administrator has been attempting to sell a number of the carrier's assets over the past year, among which are its brand name, simulators, flight school, spare parts, apartments, cabin crew uniforms, catering items, pillows, airsickness bags and collectible airplane models, among others.


  1. Anonymous13:54

    Is this a joke ?

  2. Anonymous15:43


  3. Anonymous16:05

    Adria is still alive! they are present at a bazzar almost every day! ))


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