Air Serbia boosts Tivat operations


Air Serbia has announced it will introduce three additional return flights between Belgrade and Tivat in the coming week due to increased demand. In addition, the number of existing flights will see added capacity and will be operated by larger aircraft. Overall, the number of available seats will increase to around 5.000 per week, up 33%. Air Serbia’s General Manager for Commercial and Strategy, Jiri Marek, said, “We are very satisfied with the increased interest in flights to the Montenegrin coast. We believe that passengers want to take advantage of the nice weather during September, and we are happy that we have the opportunity to make it possible for them”. Air Serbia restored operations to Montenegro on August 19 following a five-month suspension due to the coronavirus pandemic.


  1. Anonymous11:59

    One more boosting! Nice.

    I also saw that in October Air Serbia increased FRA to 4 pw

  2. Anonymous16:07

    I'm surprised YM has not responded.

  3. Anonymous22:28

    Basically, JU needs MNE.
    35% of its network relies on TGD and TIV

    1. Anonymous07:05

      Did someone say they don't need it?

  4. Anonymous09:57

    I am not surprised, charter demand in September seems to be stronger than in August. Today alone there are 10 charter flights from Belgrade.


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