Air Serbia eyes additional Cyprus flights


Air Serbia is looking to increase frequencies and capacity on services to Larnaca after the Cypriot government lifted its ban on the entry of Serbian citizens. “Air Serbia will maintain two weekly flights between Belgrade and Larnaca in the coming period, with a possibility of increasing capacity, both in terms of aircraft upgrades or the introduction of additional flights. Keeping in mind the announcement made by the Cypriot government that Serbian citizens will be permitted to enter the island with a negative PCR test as of today, September 24, the Serbian national airline expects greater interest from passengers than usual for this time of year. Therefore, Air Serbia will continue to operate flights to Larnaca on Mondays and Saturdays, even though the original plan was to decrease flights”, the carrier said in a statement. It’s General Manager for Commercial and Strategy, Jiri Marek, added, “Air Serbia has been closely monitoring demand within the first two days after the announcement, and decided to add an additional third flight for Thursday next week with an attractive daytime departure, instead of a night one. We welcome the decision of the government of Cyprus, as it provides an ideal opportunity for all those who wish to use the autumn for their well-deserved vacation. Having in mind that the daily temperatures in Cyprus are very pleasant, we are certain that the number of passengers who will visit this popular destination in the Mediterranean in October will increase”.


  1. Anonymous10:35

    This news section will make Nemjee's day, lol!
    We all know that Cyprus is his weakness. :D
    Oh well, good for JU. They must consider PFO as it's getting more and more popular.

    1. Nemjee10:40

      Yes, this is fantastic indeed. Flights next week are sold out. The extra flight on 01.10 at 13.00 is great. Hope they keep it.

      I'm surprised W6 didn't react.

    2. Anonymous10:55

      Why didn't they answer? It's same scenario like Oslo.

    3. Anonymous11:24

      Očekujem da uskoro krenu i letovi za Italiju s'obzirom da su nas Italijani skinuli sa crvene liste.

    4. Anonymous11:25

      Didn't answer to what?

    5. Anonymous12:44

      Why they didn't answer the new situation. They resume flights on 20.10

    6. Anonymous16:48

      Aah, Yes. Well, it's complicated for them to communicate. So many changes happened. Maybe the flights will not materialise... who knows...

    7. Anonymous18:37

      But flights are already in the system, they resume on 28.10.
      Worst thing is that they moved them before to early October.


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