Edelweiss suspends Ohrid flights


Swiss carrier Edelweiss Air has suspended operations between Zurich and Ohrid until the start of the 2021 summer season. Flights between the two are set to resume on March 28, 2021 and operate once per week. Edelweiss' service to Skopje remains unaffected and continues to run twice per week. Currently, Ohrid Airport is only served by Wizz Air, which maintains one weekly flight to Vienna. It will restore operations to Basel on October 27, while the remainder of its Ohrid network, which includes Dortmund, Memmingen, Milan, Malmo and London Luton, has been suspended either until December 2020 or March 2021. Changes remain possible.


  1. Anonymous16:58

    Shame. Ohrid had a very respectable network for its size. And now all gone to dust.

    1. Anonymous19:05

      Yup, this year should've been by far the most successful in terms of passengers (and airlines i guess) but...who would've thought:(

  2. wow 1 flight per week in the airport ! what a shame. hopefully a nice rebound in 2021


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