Flydubai introduces free Covid cover


Flydubai, which currently maintains operations from its hub to Belgrade and Sarajevo, has introduced free global coronavirus Covid-19 insurance. Passengers who book a ticket with the airline for travel up to November 30 will receive the virus cover valid for 31 days from the date of the first flight in the passengers’ itinerary. If a traveller is diagnosed with Covid-19 during their time away from home, Flydubai will cover medical expenses up to 150.000 euros, as well as quarantine costs of up to 100 euros per day for fourteen days. Some terms and conditions apply. Flydubai plans to resume operations to Skopje and Zagreb from late October.


  1. Wow! This is interesting! I wonder how long this lasts.

    1. Anonymous15:11

      Well it says in the article for tickets bought by Nov 30.


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