Lufthansa to launch new Rijeka service


Germany’s Lufthansa has announced the introduction of new summer flights between Frankfurt and Rijeka in 2021, complementing its seasonal operations from Munich to the Croatian city. The new Rijeka service will commence on May 8 and operate once per week, each Saturday, with the Airbus A320 jet. The airline faces no competition on the route. Further details can be found here.


  1. Anonymous15:18

    Good for Rijeka...Nice to hear some good news.

  2. Anonymous17:34

    Yet again, the Croatian coast is doing all what it can to attract primary airlines.
    Excellent job, Hrvatska!

  3. "The airline faces no competition on the route". How so? RJK normally has both Ryanair and Condor to FRA, both with 2 weekly frequencies. Of course, because of covid scam there were no flights this year, but once everything gets back to normal it's logical to expect both airlines backiin 2021. Actually Germany is the only market that has decent coverage from RJK, and strong demand both ways, including FRA, and this LH act proves it, so once again I don't understand this "no competition" part. Or maybe LH knows Condor is not coming back? But than again, Ryanair is still in the game, no matter FRA or HHN. Some explanation would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    1. Anonymous12:25

      Condor has suspended Frankfirt for good (not coming back next summer) as has Ryanair. FR will fly to Hahn but that is not direct competition. It is indirect competition.


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