Montenegro Airlines launches redundancy scheme


Montenegro Airlines plans to reduce its headcount in line with the law for the investment and consolidation of the national carrier adopted late last year, which stipulates the provision of state aid for the company under the condition it reduces its workforce. The carrier issued a call to all staff who have spent at least six years with the company outlining they may voluntarily apply for the redundancy scheme, which includes a payout of 50% of the individual’s monthly gross wage for each year of service. The monthly gross wage is calculated based on an average of the employee’s last three paychecks. Applications are open until October 15.


  1. Anonymous13:39

    as always: Montenegro keeps winning!

    1. Anonymous14:28

      It would be a big win for all ExYu airlines if they reduced excess staff.

    2. Anonymous20:56

      Elections over, sponsored jobs failed as not enough votes collected. Now follows the immediate punishment. At least the airline can breathe a bit, if it will not let go too!


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