Montenegro Airlines plans Kiev service


Montenegro Airlines is working on introducing services to the Ukrainian capital of Kiev. “We are currently finalising talks, so it is possible that we will soon have good news concerning the launch of a new year-round service from Montenegro. It is very important for such a long and potentially important route to be made available for booking around a year in advance”, Montenegro Airlines’ CEO, Vlastimir Ristić, said. The current bilateral air agreement between Montenegro and Ukraine enables Ukrainian carriers to operate an unlimited number of flights to the Montenegrin market, while Montenegro Airlines is only able to launch scheduled services between Podgorica and Kiev. However, Mr Ristić noted these limitations have been subject to talks with Ukrainian authorities.


  1. Anonymous13:51

    What's the sudden interest in Kiev in ex-Yu?

    1. Anonymous15:02

      ...or why it was neglected so far?

      If you look at the wider European picture, the Ex-Yu countries are the least connected with a relatively large country and city with both incoming and outgoing tourist potential.

    2. Anonymous15:30

      Probably because average salary in Ukraine is EUR 250 and purchase power of Ukraine is zero. Not to mention that they have a lower GDP per capita than Moldova, which places it at the bottom of the continent.

    3. Anonymous17:44

      Other airlines wouldn't agree with you.

      Ukraine is better connected with Europe/World than most Ex-Yu countries.

    4. Anonymous21:26

      Plus, it's a huge country and has many airports and well organised infrastructure.
      From Kyiv you have flights to Sri Lanka, charters and many holiday seekers. Yes, people are emigrating a lot to Germany and Poland but there are still 40 million people.

  2. Anonymous13:52

    Wow whoever negotiated that bilateral in the Montenegrin government really did a disservice to his country.

  3. Anonymous14:01

    Well done, YM! This is a brave attempt to enter the Ukrainian market, which has lots of potential.

    1. Anonymous15:41

      What potential? They are the poorest European country?

    2. Anonymous16:40

      They love the Adriatic sea and they love other Slavic countries too.
      You have never been in Ukraine, with the rich people I guess many are poor but they are rich people too. The numerical amount of rich people is not low. There is a market for them too.
      Anyway is not necessary to be very rich to travel to Montenegro the upper middle class can esily do it too. So the market is huge.


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