Slovenia removed from UK air corridor


Slovenia is the latest to be placed effectively off-limits for British travellers after being added to the no-go list of countries “to keep everyone safe”, in the words of UK’s Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps. The Department for Transport has returned Slovenia to the list of countries from which travellers are required to quarantine for fourteen days upon arrival. Currently, none of the countries from the former Yugoslavia are on the UK’s corridor list. easyJet is the only carrier maintaining services between the UK and Slovenia, with its service between London Gatwick and Ljubljana continuing to operate as planned, twice per week.


  1. Anonymous17:12

    I hope they stay.

    1. Anonymous19:48

      They will .
      Nobody quarantines himself after immigration into UK .
      Many Britons still fly to Croatia and when coming home immediately go to their workplaces .

    2. Anonymous22:03

      I hope you are right that they will stay; LJU needs a reliable link to London. But I also hope your post is taken down. Irrespective of how stupid UK Air Corridor policy is, most people respect the law in the UK. To imply otherwise and to implicitly condone a breach of the quarantine law, is irresponsible and dangerous. Shameful.


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