Transavia delays Belgrade resumption


Low cost carrier Transavia has delayed the resumption of its Amsterdam - Belgrade service from October 1 until December 17. The airline suspended operations between the two cities earlier this month. Upon their resumption, flights will be maintained five times per week. Air Serbia continues to run operations between Belgrade and Amsterdam. During the month, Transavia also suspended flights between Amsterdam and Ljubljana, and has pushed their resumption from late October until mid-January.


  1. Anonymous15:37

    Good for Air Serbia.

  2. Anonymous21:39

    Bad news for BEG and passengers for sure.

    1. Anonymous22:20

      They weren't bringing nothing new.

    2. Anonymous05:49

      I know you are a troll but I'll just write that when LH suspended MUC, W6 boosted FMM. Transavia suspending AMS for a while might mean that JU and W6 will boost flights.

  3. Anonymous02:33

    A second tier airline as Transavia, which probably will never get bailed out by their government, is maybe better off suspending routes than flying empty ...


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