Tuzla Airport introduces Covid-19 fee


Tuzla Airport has introduced a one euro fee for all departing passengers in an attempt to safeguard travellers from the coronavirus. The payment is made by passengers at the airline ticket sales counter located at the security and passport control area. Tuzla Airport said it made the decision in order to “protect passengers, airport staff and prevent the spread of Covid-19”. Tuzla Airport’s finances have been hard hit by a sharp decline in passenger numbers and the cancellation of a number of Wizz Air routes. “We were closed for 75 days and had no revenue during this period. We are already feeling the affects of accumulated losses. Unfortunately, we have not been included in any government program which foresees assistance or subsidies for employees”, the General Manager of Tuzla Airport, Esad Mujačić, said. At this point, Wizz Air, the airport’s sole customer, plans to suspend eight routes from Tuzla over the coming winter season.


  1. Anonymous13:45

    Desperate times call for desperate measures.

  2. Anonymous14:01

    ko na autobuskoj

  3. Anonymous14:03

    This reminds me of Sarajevo Airport when you had to pay the airport tax at the counter because B&H Airlines wasn't giving them money.

  4. gdje drugo nego u Bosni


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