Wizz suspends Budapest - EX-YU flights until December


Wizz Air has extended the suspension of its flights between Budapest and a number of cities in the former Yugoslavia due to the coronavirus pandemic. Flights from the Hungarian capital to Podgorica, Pristina, Sarajevo and Skopje are now expected to resume between December 4 and 6. These services are subsidised by the Hungarian government as part of public service obligation, in order to improve the country’s connectivity with the Balkans.


  1. Anonymous14:41

    Anyone notices Wizz Air webiste has constant server outage?

  2. Anonymous14:57

    Is Wizz getting government subsidy when not flying those routes?

    1. Of course not. They will get as much as they did fly in percentage. If not they will be sanctioned by European Commission and will have to pay back every cent.

      Control is on monthly level and with every bill for every cost they have to present. If they did not have flights they can not present bills and can not get money for it.

    2. Anonymous15:05

      Are you sure? Where can that be verified online?

    3. Anonymous20:35

      Purger thank you for this info. It is refreshing to see you advocating for Wizz. Could this be a sign of your hometown airport opening up to Wizz?

    4. I am no advocating nothing, I am just telling you the fact. No, Zagreb is not opening up to Wizz Air.

      Anonymous 15:05 you have two articles I wrote about PSO with all documents and formal rules quoted.

  3. Bilo bi dobro vratit letove Bazel - Osijek 🤸‍♀️


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