Air Serbia suspends Kraljevo flights until March


Air Serbia has suspended services from Kraljevo’s Morava Airport to Vienna until the start of the 2021 summer season on March 28 of next year. The carrier suspended operations from Kraljevo following the onset of the coronavirus pandemic and has not restored operations to the Austrian capital since. It also did not go ahead with the launch of a new seasonal service from Kraljevo to Thessaloniki, which is yet to be rescheduled for next year. The carrier’s operations from Kraljevo, which started in December 2019, are subsidised by the Serbian government, after it was the sole bidder for public service obligation flights.


  1. Anonymous11:56


  2. Anonymous11:56

    Winter is coming.

  3. Anonymous12:04

    Kraljevo needs to attract more airlines instead of depending on just one.

    1. Anonymous14:36

      And how many airlines that have an ATR would fly from there?

    2. Anonymous14:40

      Airlines from Switzerland, Croatia, Austria, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy could fly there.

    3. Anonymous14:45

      Which airlines exactly?

    4. Anonymous16:31

      Austrian still flies Q400.

    5. Anonymous17:01

      Austrian is retiring Q400 by next year the latest.

  4. Anonymous12:18

    This is actually good news for JU. They got the money plus they do not have to fly empty planes, win win :)

    1. Anonymous14:37

      Government pays JU per half year period so they didn't get the money for H2.

    2. Anonymous09:10

      Don't be so sure. JU will probably blame it on Corona therefore force majeur that they cannot operate in winter season and this way they can and probably will still get the subsidies without even flying. At least this is what I would try if I was in charge at JU and government wouldn't mind giving this type of a hidden subsidy.

    3. Anonymous09:14

      Of course they will take advantage of the situation and try to gobble up as much as possible. Who doesn't mind sweet and easy money....

  5. Anonymous12:59

    Does this also mean no 2.5 mil. € in subsidies for these routes this year.

  6. Anonymous13:24

    Thank God.

  7. Anonymous14:35

    Now would be the best time start building the new runway

  8. Anonymous14:40

    Forget about the passengers and time to focus on CARGO. KVO needs to become a cargo hub in the region!

    Everyone in the region is set to benefit from this. The airport lies between 3 big cities: Kraljevo, Kragujevac and Čačak, all of which are industrial towns and would profit enormously from a nearby cargo centre.

    1. Anonymous14:46

      And when you build cargo airport whats next? Who will base planes there if it is going to be a hub?

    2. Anonymous14:52

      ASL Airlines or Solinair are 2 very potential candidates to begin with. Then talks can begin with Turkish Airlines cargo, DHL and if the runways allows this then Fedex or Kalitta Air at a later stage. The most important thing is to start the initiative. The region will benefit a lot from this.

    3. Anonymous15:04

      And what about profit? Why would any profit-based cargo company base its aircraft in the region where cargo is stagnating and where cargo numbers are hilarious?

    4. Anonymous15:06

      Solinair don't transport any of their own cargo, they are just an ACMI operator who fly for other cargo airlines.

    5. Anonymous15:07

      "ASL Airlines "
      "Turkish Airlines cargo"
      All these airlines will be too happy to base their aircraft in the middle of nowhere.

    6. Anonymous15:34

      Just Linz and Hannover ;)

    7. Anonymous15:39

      Would it be possible for Air Serbia to get one cargo aircraft in the future and use it from Kraljevo airport?

    8. Anonymous15:46

      Everything is possible. JU can even take 100 A380 if it wants but major problem is profitability. Make a cargo base in Kraljevo for JU has no sence, it would just lose money with diverting cargo from its hub. And also it is important to mention that BEG has better road and rail connectivity then Kraljevo which is really important factor in cargo sector.

    9. Anonymous16:25

      Yes and no. JU has decided to spread around the country and beyond looking for new markets such as BNX charters. We have all witnessed what happened INI - now a JU base.
      So, time to add a new product after scheduled, chartered and ad-hoc flights and this is cargo.
      KVO is more strategically located because of the neighbouring industrial towns. Kraljevo, Kragujevac and Čačak. Also Novi Pazar is quite important to be included in this scope as well.
      If JU begins cargo, then the other airlines will also arrive and the hub can be slowly built.

    10. Anonymous16:26

      A380 can't be used for cargo because the upper floor is not certified for cargo.

    11. Anonymous16:33

      Still demand for cargo is still very low. Economy in these cities cannot sustain cargo hub nearby. Only Belgrade and Vojvodina have potential for cargo hub nearby.

    12. Anonymous17:06

      Kraljevo, Kragujevac and Čačak. Also Novi Pazar is quite important to be included in this scope as well. - as someone who lives in Novi Pazar, i can for sure say that economy here is so miserable and cannot make any significant demand for cargo. As anon above said, the only place where cargo fligts can make sence is in Belgrade/Bačka/Banat/Vojvodina region.

    13. Anonymous17:06

      Fiat has a car factory nearby. Fresh produce is around but too far from Belgrade airport. ATR 72 is getting old for passengers but it can continue for years after cargo conversion. That's the right size for a cargo aircraft. It can fly from KVO but not just KVO, it can also fly from BEG, INI, BNX... Trebinje one day.

    14. Anonymous17:14

      Cargo from Trebinje to Kraljevo..... are you real?

    15. Anonymous17:57

      Who said from Trebinje to KVO? From any of those airports to a destination.

    16. Anonymous18:16

      I think that anon 17:14 did not understood you.

    17. Anonymous22:11

      @17:06 - Why are you so pessimistic? The cargo terminal can help the economy boost and revive the factories and industrial area. The Kraljevo official website has actually nicely and professionally promoted the "Industrial area" and a map with all the sites:

      You obviously cannot compare the economy with the capital, but that does not mean there is no potential.

  9. Anonymous09:15

    Comparing LNZ and HAJ to KVO oh my goodness thanks that really made my day.

    Does GDP, wealth of region, infrastructure (perfect road and rail interconnection) mean anything to that anon above?

    1. Anonymous09:20

      You already have the official link of Kraljevo where it is mentioned about the infrastructure. Plus, LNZ doesn't have that much to offer economically because everything is in VIE.

    2. Anonymous16:53

      Ehhhmmm... clearly you don't have the slightest clue about Linz and the Oberosterreich region in which it is centrally located.

      By the way, LNZ airport had 53,000 metric tons of cargo in 2018 just so you have an idea.

      If you understand bit of German here you go (you can copy paste in google translate if you need to):
      "Oberösterreichs Industrie ist der Wirtschaftsmotor Österreichs, Linz ist die Industrie 4.0-Hauptstadt Österreichs. Die Industrieunternehmen sind Teil des modernsten Wertschöpfungsclusters Mitteleuropas. „Mit 14,8 Milliarden Euro Bruttowertschöpfung in der Sachgüterindustrie trägt die oberösterreichische Industrie etwa gleich viel zur Wertschöpfung bei wie jene in den Bundesländern Steiermark und Niederösterreich bzw. Kärnten, Tirol, Vorarlberg und Salzburg zusammen“, berichtet der Geschäftsführer der Industriellenvereinigung Oberösterreichs, Dr. Joachim Haindl-Grutsch. Der Anteil Oberösterreichs am österreichischen Exportgeschäft beträgt rund 26 Prozent, mehr als 880.000 Beschäftigungsverhältnisse werden durch die oberösterreichische Industrie und industrienahe Dienstleistungen generiert." official source:

    3. Anonymous19:48

      Yes, but the airport has just 5 places in its apron for wide bodies. It is still fine but was expecting more cargo. 53 thousand is not that much.
      KVO may begin initially with 5000 and increase these numbers by bringing more heavies or having JU station a cargo jet here.

    4. Anonymous21:57

      Heavies for who in KVO?

    5. Anonymous22:10

      BEG 20 thousend tonnes cargo in 2019.

  10. Objektivno, Aerom Morava Kraljevo opstaje i prosperira
    Gradnjom nove paralelne piste. Dimenzije 4.000 m. X 60 m.
    Kako je i Ministarstvo saobracaja objavilo. Sa gradnjom kargo centra i sa velikom avio platforme i pratecih objekata i uredjaja. Moguce je da bi Kinezi mogli biti partneri u ovoj investiciji. Sto se ranije pocne sa gradnjom piste i kargo centra, prije ce se zavrsiti duga, duga saga samoodrzivosti i opravdanosti velike investicije koja je vec ulozena.
    Zivim u nadi za let sa Kraljevacke Morave za Solun.
    Verujem da ce se i i to cudo dogoditi?.
    Meni je tek sedamdeset peta. Cekajuci moj prvi let sa Morave, a posle toga po veri neka mi bude i "let" u zivot vecni. Uz pozdrav Administratoru ovog bloga i svim Aerodromima Srbije. Neka tako bude, Amin.
    Iskre pozdravi.
    Rodney Marinkovic and Aviation Enthusiast Associate Group. Kraljevo i Sydney. 😀✈♥️🛫🌐✈

  11. This is unfortunate, but understandable in the current situation.
    Government has done well to make the flights from KVO possible. Yes, it costs a lot, but the region doesn't see much investment as it is.
    JU could go one better by negotiating route specific code share with OS. It would enable connecting flights. It's a small Win (for JU, filling empty seats), Big Win (for pax, more choice) and small OS (a bit more pax). 3 flights per week on AT7 wouldn't even make a dent on JU's flights from BEG , but would open massive opportunities for the region.



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