British Airways to boost Pristina operations


British Airways will increase its seasonal operations between London Heathrow and Pristina next summer following a successful return to the Kosovo market this year, despite the coronavirus pandemic. The carrier will add an additional two weekly flights on the route for a total of three per week in 2021 and will bring forward its service resumption from July to March 28. Flights will run on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays with the Airbus A320 aircraft. British Airways inaugurated the route this July with a one weekly service.


  1. Anonymous10:53

    Really suprising!!! Its nice to see another legacy in PRN to compete with TK, WK and OS. Great job PRN!!!

    1. Anonymous11:00

      I agree. It seems PRN is nicely developing. It was one of the few opened airport and BA loves stable and reliable airports. I think the route will become year-round.

    2. Anonymous11:00

      It would be nice to see them in SKP, SJJ and BEG too.

    3. Anonymous11:22

      "It was one of the few opened airport and BA loves stable and reliable airports."

      made my day! :D

      - Regarding aviation security, Kosovo is committed to fulfil EU requirements, international standards and recommended practices to prevent “Acts of Unlawful Interference”

    4. Anonymous11:27

      WK is not a legacy

    5. Anonymous11:32

      I think SJJ would actually be a nice fit. SKP is too small for them and there you have Wizz to LTN.
      BA pulled out of BEG a couple of years ago but the issue is Serbs need visa to UK and JU already operates daily and Wizz too to LTN with a couple of weekly flights. People use TSR as an alternative because prices to London are dead cheap.
      As for BA in PRN, I even predict they actually upgrade to the A321 in summer. BA is an amazing airline with great history and one of the most respected ones. They treat their staff and pilots so well and it's an honour to have them in PRN.

    6. Anonymous11:34

      "BA is an amazing airline"

      I suggest you fly with them within Europe. Easyjet is better in terms of service and seating.

    7. Anonymous11:35

      It's so amazing that FR has more legroom than they do.

    8. Anonymous11:41

      It depends which routes you used. BA deploys newer A32N to more profitable and important destinations. Plus, the name and brand worth much more than U2 or FR. A truly 4 star airline.

    9. Anonymous11:45

      "WK is not a legacy"
      Depends how you look at it. Its route network is all out of ZRH to moslty leisure character destinations while out of GVA LX operates leisure destinations itself. So WK is actually a leisure carrier because of its route network but that doesnt mean it isnt a legacy. Via LX web page you can book all their flights what means you can buy combined transfer flights between them and LX. Plus their service is on legacy level, they offer free catering in ecomomy, they have business class with lounge access and blocked middle seats. So only difference between them and LX are type of destinations, livery, brand name, and IATA/ICAO codes.

  2. Anonymous12:29

    BA operated to both SJJ and SKP in the past. SJJ did not last long (too small a market), whilst SKP was flown for a number of years. I think SKP now could not sustain them given Wizz's flights.

    It would be great to see their return to LJU as they have not operated a single flight in 2020. As Wizz has now left LJU and EZY replacing STN with LTN (an even more marginal London airport), I really hope they can justify a year-round service to LJU.

    One route I am surprised they have not yet flown is to Tivat.

  3. Anonymous13:02

    This route will last if prices are reasonable. Look at TIA, 3 different airlines fly from London with very good frequencies.

    1. Anonymous13:42

      TIA is actually one of the best performing airports in the region. Tourism is booming. That said, here is a map of the busiest international arrivals in 2019 in the Balkans.

      There is potential for PRN-TIA as well as PRN-LHR.


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