Norwegian to suspend Belgrade service in November


Norwegian Air Shuttle will temporarily suspend its service between Oslo and Belgrade during the month of November. The carrier will operate its last flight between the two cities on October 31 before restoring two weekly services on December 16. Belgrade and Oslo will continue to be linked throughout November by Air Serbia, which will run two weekly rotations. The majority of Serbian citizens are not permitted entry into Norway.


  1. Anonymous14:38

    Good news for Air Serbia at least temporarily

  2. Anonymous14:58

    There should be enough passengers for both Norwegian and Air Serbia when Corona goes away. They could partner and codeshare between Oslo and Belgrade like Alitalia and Air Serbia did on BEG-FCO route. This should not be a fight between Air Serbia and Norwegian. Real enemy here is Wizzair.

    1. Anonymous15:16

      Why enemy

    2. Anonymous15:31

      Why? Wizz is now trying to destroy Norwegian (and SAS) by flying domestic routes in Norway.

      Wizz has been #2 at BEG and trying to fight Air Serbia for years. Wizz announced new service between Oslo and Belgrade but postponed it until Spring 2021.

    3. Anonymous18:02

      Good for Wizz

    4. Anonymous18:38

      Actually not that great for Wizz. On routes where Air Serbia and the other airline have well established service, for example with Alitalia on FCO-BEG, with Austrian BEG-VIE, with Swiss BEG-ZRH and Air France BEG-CDG, Wizz was not able to crack those services to primary airports and was left to pick up crumbs at BSL or BVA.

      As for internal Norway routes, that will be up to Norway how they plan to keep Wizz away, but will most likely mean additional regulation. Norway is rich, non-EU country and will probably legislate min ticket price like VIE or some other way to keep Wizz away.


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